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Julbo Quickshift 4s REACTIV Goggles


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  • Black/Green - REACTIV Performance 1-3 HC, One Size
  • Green - REACTIV Performance 1-3 HC, One Size

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Quickshift 4S Goggles

Enduro riding adds extra challenges to your day, and we don’t just mean the physical effort. Excessive dust, rocks, and debris have a knack for snagging your eyes, and the Quickshift 4S offers the protection you want on the trail so you can keep your focus on the rock garden ahead instead of wiping the dust from your eyes.

  • Shield your eyes on the trail with Julbo’s more breathable goggles
  • Airy construction keeps you cool on hot enduro days
  • SwitchAir System lets you dictate the amount of airflow you want
  • Anti-fog super wide cylindrical lens offers unobstructed view
  • Designed to fit comfortably with half-dome or full-face helmets
  • Silicone lined adjustable strap stays securely in place
  • Item #JULM065

Reactiv, cylindrical
Technical Features
Switch Air ventilation system
Face Size
Recommended Use
skiing, snowboarding, backcountry touring
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>Rating: 4

Innovative solution for touring

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
True to size
Size Bought
6` 4"
200 lbs

I'm not sure I understand some of other reviews here. If you don't want removable pieces, don't order a goggle with removable pieces. Get a normal goggle, of which Julbo has many. As far as I can tell, these are essentially the Cyrius plus the removable vents. That said, if you have just normal goggles, good luck wearing them while going uphill without fogging. That's the whole point of the Quickshift. By taking the pieces out, you open huge ventilation holes which should help with fogging. In my limited testing, it seems to work pretty well. I'll update once I have some more real world experience to share. And yeah, you have to remember to close the vents before going downhill. No surprise there. For those that tour, there's usually some sort of eyewear aspect to the top transition, typically switching from glasses (since you can't wear normal goggles on the up) to goggles. This is just a different type of transition. FWIW, the pieces do seem secure while in, so I don't have much concern about them accidentally coming out (either on my face or in my pack) and getting lost. I was also able to take them out and put them in while wearing the goggle, but that was with bare hands and a mirror. While I'm sure you could take them out, it would likely be hard to put them back in the field without taking the goggles off. Finally, these have the Julbo photochromic lenses that are so beloved. I honestly can't recommend them enough. The pair of Julbo photochromics that I'm replacing has been my single set of goggles for all conditions for the last 6 seasons. I just chuckle at people that carry extra lenses or worry about the right lens for the condition. Go the photochromic route and stop worrying about lenses entirely. While others are likely catching up, I do believe that Julbo has the best photochromics out there given that they've been doing it for decades at this point. Also, I do think that 1-3 is the sweet spot for photochromics. While you might wish the lens was slightly darker when first stepping out into bright sunlight, the human visual system is pretty amazing and will quickly adjust to where you're comfortable. And in exchange, you get great low/flat light performance. 2-4s will be better for bright sunny days but they will leave you wishing they got lighter when the clouds roll in.

>Rating: 1

Love Julbo, *hate* these

I returned this product before using it
True to size

Never have I gotten a pair of goggles and said to myself "how do I use these", and actually looked for instructions.... for goggles! These things have two foam inserts magnetically attached to the frame of the goggles on your cheekbone areas that complete the frame, which can be removed. This leaves you three things..... 1) Two little pieces of foam to lose on the mountain.... 2) Two, inch-plus gaps on your cheeks where the foam pieces came out.... and 3) Once you find that sweet pow line and point em down and take that first face-full.... well now, you have snow all up in your eyes and under your goggles. I mean, even if you just took these inserts out on the skin track up, and put them in for the descent, you're still dealing with taking your helmet & gloves off, getting all sorts of snow on the inside of your lens, etc while dealing with weather and whatever else is going on out there. Pretty sure the designer of these never actually touched snow, and if they did it was likely on-piste and on-groomer. Sad product for $200+.