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Grivel Air Tech Crampon

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    Air Tech Crampon

    When a mountaineering trip takes you across varied terrain, don't be held back by crampons that are too technical or not technical enough. Grivel Air Tech Crampons use shortened underfoot points and full-length front points to roll the advantages of 10- and 12-point crampons into one package. Tool-less length adjustments allow the Air Tech Crampons to be used on several different boots, and fine-tuned heel adjustments (newmatic) assure a perfect fit. Grivel also includes Antibott plates to keep snow from balling up under these crampons.

    • Mountaineering crampons designed for any ice or snow terrain
    • Full-strap design works with any boots
    • Anti-balling plates prevent snow sticking to the bottom
    • Horizontal front point provides better stability in steep neve
    • Item #GRV0048

    chromolly steel,
    Front Points
    Number of Points
    Anti-balling plates
    Claimed Weight
    1lb 11oz
    Recommended Use
    Manufacturer Warranty

    Tech Specs

    What do you think about this product?


    >Rating: 1

    They weigh over 2 pounds

    These just arrived today, Feb. 18th, 2020. I don't know where the "claimed weight" of 1 lb 11oz is coming from but it is far from the truth. Grivel's site currently says 880 grams which is closer to the truth but still an understatement of the actual weight. As shown in the pic they are 32.73 oz = 2lbs .73 oz = 928 grams. My scale is regularly checked for accuracy on items of known weight and it is spot on. The one star rating is somewhat unfair because these are perfectly good crampons and I intend to keep them, and afterall weight is not everything. However, the point needs to be made: STOP MISREPRESENTING THE WEIGHT OF GEAR. The idea that Grivel doesn't know the true weight is laughable. Where backcountry got an even more inaccurate weight and why they listed it here is a good question. It is not that hard to weigh things and gear companies are obviously misrepresenting weights on purpose as they know that light weight can be a selling point and almost no one will ever call them on it. There is no size issue here i.e. S M L etc. so that cannot be the explanation. The various binding systems are also not a valid explanation and year to year model changes don't explain it either. Listing a weight without the anti balling plates that the crampons come with would qualify as intentional misrepresentation. I suggest that if you care about the weight of your gear that you weigh it yourself as inaccurate listings are common. As for backcountry, I would appreciate it if they would not list unverified weights, though I expect they feel little or no pressure from customers on this issue.

    >Rating: 4

    Surefooted Awesomeness

    I've used it several times

    When you need crampons, you really NEED crampons... I purchased these for backcountry split-boarding tours and they have been great so far. Excellent purchase with each step. My only complaint is that the long straps can get in the way and they also can loosen up the crampons sometimes. I end up tucking the ends into my pant's cuffs, but wish there was a more secure form of lock. Still, this is minimal and I am very happy with my purchase!


    Do you need WIDE or are the standard ones okay?

    >Rating: 5

    Best all around strap-on crampon

    I've used it several times

    These are quite lightweight compared to other brands yet are very durable and can function extremely well in most terrains from glacier walking to fairly steep ice or mixed climbing. These are surprisingly secure, almost as good as the standard leverlock welt-clipping crampons. In addition, they are easy to get on and off and they look super cool. I have used them on my La Sportiva Ultra Raptors (US 11) and they just fit, but with thicker boots in this size you may need longer bars as others have mentioned. For a lighter weight option for more casual snow travel, I also often use microspikes.

    >Rating: 5

    Grivel Air Tech Crampons

    I recently purchased 2 pair of these and did a quick test day on Donner Summit for these and some other gear for our One-Eighty Adventures Program for at risk youth. After that day I purchased 4 more pair. We then put the to the real test, a 4-day fundraiser climb and summit of Mount Shasta. We summited May 3, 2017 in some of the most epic snow and ice conditions the mountain has seen since 1982. One or participants was 6'4 and 260lbs! On 50 degree ice with full packs these Grivel Air Tec Crampons are the bomb. Thanks Nick Chan and Backcountry for getting us set up with gear and support.


    Amazing! I'm in NorCal and plan to do Shasta soon! Thanks for the review!

    >Rating: 5

    Exactly what I needed

    I've used it several times

    I finally found a pair of crampons that fit my size 46 Vasque boots( with the assistance of the extender plate).These crampons are well made and have provided great traction on hardpacked snow, solid ice and rock.

    >Rating: 4

    Just what the Dr. Ordered

    Only thing I would change is some sort of retention system for the access strap.

    >Rating: 5

    Excellent for Glacier Travel, Good 4 Ice

    I've used it several times

    Anti-balling plates worked wonders on Denali to keep the snow from sticking. Extremely intuitive and easy to use. Very well made. Built for glaciers, but work well on ice.

    >Rating: 5

    Grivel Air Tech

    I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    I have Scarpa SL M3 backpacking boots in size 45.5. Just received my Grivel Air Tech Crampons and they just don't fit, Just one hole too short, had to order the extended Flex Bar 190mm for additional $14.95. Little disappointed after reading they should fit up to size 46.

    >Rating: 5

    Love that hot forged steel feeling

    I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

    I gave these to my sister for Christmas and she loves them. The 12 points makes for such a versatile crampon overall. Particularly nice on these is the anti-balling plate feature keeping snow from packing and balling up underneath your feet, making you lose traction and possibly causing a compromising fall. Not to mention that it is always nice to know that you have hot forged steel on your feet to take you that extra mile. Most recently used these to scale a 1,000 foot head wall going up to the Pfeifferhorn with no problems at all. Buy and enjoy!


    Cramp o matic grivel system

    >Rating: 5

    Two years plus

    I've put it through the wringer

    The Air Tech front points well and is wonderful on traverses. Great for general mountaineering and steep trails. They are a very versatile crampon that with the right boot, can handle short pitches of vertical ice up to WI 3, though there are much better choices for vertical ice, like the G22. I want to add some info regarding fitting to double boots. I just got a pair of Koflach Arctis Expe. The Air Tech will not fit (size 9UK). The standard bars are ONE HOLE too short. Longer bars are needed for, at least, these boots, and I'd suspect most other doubles.


    San Gorgonio

    Grivel Airtech crampons on first trip. The smile says it all!

    >Rating: 4

    A word on sizing.

    If you have a larger shoe size than 10US, you will need longer center bars. At the largest setting, they just squeeze onto my Salomon Quest 4D GTX, size 10. I have the new classics.

    I was able to do a serious amount of squeezing to get my size to Quest 4D's on these with the new classic bindings. The heel on these boots creates a problem with crampons in general. I'm pleased that I was able to get a good general fit at all.

    I agree with the sizing issue Pat. My U.S. size 11 boots only barely fit the regular flex bar on the largest setting. This is only possible because they are not rigid mountaineering boots. My next purchase will be the 190 cm flex bars.

    >Rating: 5

    so far so good

    I spent a little extra on these compared to basic BD I was looking at, I used them on one mixed climb and they performed flawlessly on ice, snow, slush and rock. I wear mens 11 Asolo mid weight hikers and they fit perfectly at the longest setting hole, any larger and you better consider an extended bar. The balling plates worked great (no need for tapping). I love these so far and would recommend them to any other aspiring novice mediocre alpinist ;) Update: To fit my plastic double boots, I refitted with Grivel Valter Long Bars. See product / reviews here at BC.

    >Rating: 4

    Great all around cxrampon...

    Good on mixed and vertical ice. Some technical features not seen on other crampons. Good on the down hill with points set to support that. Moderate length on all points so they are very good on mixed. Grivels typically fit most boots better than some other brands. If you want to do a lot of mixed get the Tech....if all you do is ice get the G12.

    >Rating: 2

    Not recommended for BC hiking

    I read all the raving reviews and talked to a gear expert about it as I am a complete novice when it comes to crampons although I've been hiking in the mountains during winter for years. I'm sure for ice climbing, these are great but for me they are cumbersome and take a while to strap on (I got the New Classic as my Lowa Banff won't take the New Matic) - in freezing cold it's a problem and sometimes I don't put them on or take them off because of that. The real "deal breaker" is that they kept getting caught in my snow pants and once I tripped and almost tumbled all the way down - good thing there was plenty of snow to break the fall. :) I read some other reviews about Hillsound Trail Pro and Hillsound Cypress 6 - I'll try the latter first and see if they do the trick (without the front points and with all points 1cm shorter, they may just work for my intended purpose).

    invest in some gaiters...

    Yeah, for sure, gaiters are a safety MUST with crampons to avoid not only tripping but serious wounds to the leg! I have new classic mount as well and a little practice makes donning them a piece of cake IMO.

    >Rating: 5

    secure and rugged

    I've been to two mountains in the Adirondacks with those - some were pretty icy - and these crampons felt secure and rugged so far.

    >Rating: 5

    Wonderful crampons

    Great fit due to detailed adjustments. New-matic design makes for quick put-on, while everyone else is still lacing up. Very well built and tough. All around best crampons for general mountain/ice use. Get the Antibott plates without delay, tremendous accessory to prevent snow build up and provides extra stability.


    Middle Sister Summit

    >Rating: 5


    I'm mostly a backcountry skier/alpinist. These are great for both long walks on the flat, or climbing a coulior. Very very easy to adjust and use, good strapping. Although these are not supposedly for ski boot type applications, I use them that way as well as on my semi rigid semi-automatic type boots. Couldn't be happier.


    do you have this in the new-matic? i had purchased these previously but stolen out of my car (dick!). was "GRV0048-ATNM-ONSI Grivel Air Tech Crampons New-Matic, One Size" on the order. thanks!

    That totally sucks!!! We are out of the new-matic right now... Let me know if I can help you find a different pair!


    I'm looking for a pair of crampons for my girlfriend. We took a guided climb last winter of frozen waterfalls, and we have climbed rocks and walls, but otherwise we are new. We'd like to climb frozen waterfalls in Pennsylvania this winter, but I'm overwhelmed by the equipment options. Any suggestions?

    YELLOW ICE! (awesome name btw) It sounds like you want to climb some vertical ice! Assuming you already have boots - you are gonna wanna reach for the G14 - these crampons have vertically orientated front points for vertical ice climbing! http://www.backcountry.com/grivel-g14-crampomatic-crampon?skid=GRV0051-COM-ONSI&ti=UExQIENhdDpBbHBpbmUgQ3JhbXBvbnM6MTo5OmJjc0NhdDgxMTEwMDEzMA== Feel free to reach out to one of our gearheads via chat or on the phone and they will help kit you out proper! Cheers!


    How is the "walkability" in these? I am...

    How is the "walkability" in these? I am between these and the Grivel G10s. I want something that can handle occasional technical obstacles and icy trails in the Adirondack High Peaks. Like 50 degree trails to man sized boulders and ice floes to 10 foot vertical ice-covered rock scrambles.

    Hi Nolan. I walked on 50 degrees ice as well as climbed WI5.. (although arguably not the BEST choice for WI5...) Fantastic crampons!


    Will the toe bail of the cramp-o-matic...

    Will the toe bail of the cramp-o-matic version fit over a 75mm duckbill on a telemark boot (Garmont Ener-g)?


    What is the weight difference between the...

    What is the weight difference between the Air Techs and the Air Tech Light Crampons?

    According to REI's website (http://www.rei.com/product/716229/grivel-air-tech-light-crampon-with-antibott-device-flex-bars#specsTab), the Air Tech Light crampons weigh in at 595g (immediately under 21oz) per pair; I am not clear as to whether that includes the Antibott Device & Flex Bars, so that weight could be a smidgen higher. Conversely, the Grivel Air Tech crampons weigh in at 888g (or roughly 31.3oz) per pair, but that is withOUT the anti-balling plates or accordions; WITH the anti-balling plates but still without the accordions, the weight of the Air Techs jumps to 945g according to one website (http://www.climbgb.com/grivelairtechcramponsreview.asp) or past 988g according to a separate website (http://www.needlesports.com/Catalogue/Winter-Climbing-Equipment/Crampons/Mountaineering-Crampons/Airtech-Crampon-GRI-AIRT#.UxEAn4VWspc). Hope this helps!


    Hi will the new classic fit a size 10...

    Hi will the new classic fit a size 10 scarpa trek boot Thanks stuart


    Will this crampon fit a Koflach Degre boot?...

    Will this crampon fit a Koflach Degre boot? Any recommendations if it does not? Thanks!


    Hi, I will mostly be doing mountaineering...

    Hi, I will mostly be doing mountaineering up to 7500m, ascend, descend, traverse on glaciers, snow, rocks etc, mayb some ice climbing, but most likely not much at all. I have Scarpa Phantom 8000 US10 size & Scarpa Triolet Pro US9.5 size boots. - Was wondering if these Grivel Air Tech Crampons with NEW-MATIC binding will fit both boots? or a different binding is bettter? - And if they are the best crampons for my intended use? or offerings from Petzl or Black Diamonds are better? Thank you everyone for assistance.

    These are going to be great for you... you may want a G12 also But I would ALWAYS choose a Black diamond Sabertooth. The sabertooths are so veritale it will blow your mind!!!! Everything from vertical ice....to glacier traverses, to glissading...to ski mountaineering. I believe that petzl also makes a comperable crampon to the air-techs (http://www.petzl.com/us/outdoor/verticality/crampons/mountaineering-crampons/sarken)


    I can use this Crampon in a THE NORTH FACE...

    I can use this Crampon in a THE NORTH FACE MEN'S DHAULAGIRI II GTX®

    It will pair nicely with these boots but a word of caution...tose boots arnt meant for crampons so dont beat the crap out of them


    Can't decide between these or the BD...

    Can't decide between these or the BD sabretooth. Looking for a crampon that will let me to vertical ice as well as ski mountaineering. Any recommendations?

    These are rigid enough for short stretches on vertical ice, but I think you'll want a really stiff boot to match.


    Will the New Classics be back in stock...

    Will the New Classics be back in stock this week, or can I backorder them? I'm pulling the trigger Thurs on these and a pair of axes, and I'd like to get it all from you guys.

    Inventory questions tend to sit idle on the item page for what seems like forever. Click on the gray "Chat Now" box on the upper right of the page; a customer service rep will be able to answer your question immediately. Good luck.


    Will the new-classics work if I upgrade...

    Will the new-classics work if I upgrade to something that would also work with the new-matic? e.g. the la sportiva glacier?



    Write your question here...Has any one...

    Write your question here...Has any one tried to use these on snowboard boots. how did they perform?

    I've used them on snowboard boots. It takes a bit of finagling to get them to fit right, but they worked. I guess it depends on how big your boots are - Mine are Women's 8. I read other reviewers say that these might not fit a boot larger than a Men's 10.


    I have the Grivel G12 crampons and on a...

    I have the Grivel G12 crampons and on a cold AK climb last week the rubber/plastic toe strap broke. Where can I order replacements for the rubber/plastic part of the toe piece?


    do the La Sportiva Glacier boots take the...

    do the La Sportiva Glacier boots take the Grivel new-matic crampons or the new-classic

    Hey Greg, Those boots take the New-Matic crampons...Check em' out here: http://www.backcountry.com/la-sportiva-glacier-mountaineering-boot-mens

    Thank you!


    Will these fit women's size 38 Kayland MXT...

    Will these fit women's size 38 Kayland MXT boot?


    I wear a size 46.5 boot. Will these...

    I wear a size 46.5 boot. Will these crampons fit?

    I don't think they will fit. You would need an extender bar.