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G3 Skin Savers

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Save your skins, protect your hide.

Store your skins on the G3 Skin Savers and make it easier on yourself when you have to pull them apart in the parking lot. Mesh keeps the glued sides from sticking together, therefore preserving vital stickiness. Regluing skins sucks, and buying new ones is even worse, so do yourself a favor and keep your uphill transportation in prime form by carrying the Savers and using them when it's time to pack up at the summit and 'send it.
  • 110mm saver fits 80 to 100mm skins and the 130mm length fits 110 to 130mm skins
  • Item #GGG0160

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year limited
Recommended Use
skin storage
synthetic mesh

Tech Specs

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For storage purposes only

    As it's stated somewhere in the literature included with this product, these skin savers are meant for storage purposes only and are not to be used in the field. With that said, I'm hoping that they will perform better than the older style for storage purposes and I plan to use them in that way during the off season. I, like some other reviewers, was under a false impression/assumption when I ordered these, thinking that they were like the older skin savers that came with my first pair of G3 splitboard skins. The older material was much thinner, more supple and not sharp on the edges. So when I got these, I was a little disappointed on account of how thick, rigid and sharp they are.
    I personally prefer to use skin savers in the field due to how sticky my G3 skins are and the amount of difficulty involved with pulling them apart when folded together without a barrier between the adhesive. I went against the manufacturers instructions that state these skin savers are not meant for use in the field, and I concluded very quickly that it was absurd to use these in the field. So what I did was put these away for the on season and found some material at a hardware store that must be a type of heavy duty screen door/window material. The stuff was sold in bulk so I had the needed dimensions cut and it cost me under three dollars. The material is similar to the older G3 material in terms of thickness, suppleness, and strength. However, I'm happy to say that this hardware store find seems to perform slightly better that the older G3 material and it is not sharp along the edges either. It's taken some time for me to formulate an efficient method and sequence of removing and applying the skin savers in the field, but I am now convinced that I am able to do so much faster than the time it would take me to manage my skins in the field if I were folding them together without any barrier between the adhesive. If people here are interested in seeing my method, I would be happy create and share a video that shows me performing this process. People who use skins that come apart easy when folded together without savers may still be faster than me, but with my G3 skins being so sticky, it's faster and safer to use the savers in the field and I've now become relatively quick at my transitions using the savers.
    Bottom line, I don't have personal experience yet with how these newer G3 skin savers will perform when used for their intended purpose (as a storage item), but I trust they will work very well for that purpose, and I intend to use them in that way during the off season. These skin savers are definitely not practical for use in the field, so if you're wanting them for that purpose, DON'T do it! Use only for storage purposes and find something else to use in the field if you're like me and you prefer to have a material for field use.

    Handle carefully.

      Have to agree with other reviewers on this one. They do what they're supposed to, but they're almost too sharp and stiff to be useful. Almost sliced my brand-new puffy jacket with them. Go with BD's skin savers—they're much more pliable and easy to pack away.

      I agree with you, these skin savers were very thick and sharp on the edges. I felt they would easily begin to damage the inside of my skin bag - not to mention the risk of damaging my gear or even cutting my hands while handling in the field. It does state somewhere in the literature that comes with the skin savers that they are not meant for use in the field, so I suppose they are meant strictly for storage purposes. I prefer to use some kind of saver in the field since my G3 skins are so sticky that getting them apart when folded together without a barrier between the adhesive is extremely difficult and even time consuming. I ended up finding some bulk material at a hardware store that appears to be a heavy duty screen door/window fabric. It is much thinner, lighter, more supple and cheaper than the G3 150mm skin saver material I ordered. It's also not nearly as sharp and hazardous as the G3 material.

      Does what it should BUT...

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer my opinion the stiffness of this mesh and the sharpness of the edges are a serious design flaw. You shouldn't have to worry about cutting your fingers open when using "skin" savers. Lol. And seriously, if you use them often enough cutting yourself on the sharp edges is exactly what will happen.

      Too stiff and sharp

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I had the old version and they were great. What is pictured is not exactly what you will receive. The new model is very sharp and can snag on your skin bag, and it is much stiffer

      Not as good as the older version

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have a pair of the red G3 skin savers purchased a few years back that are nice and supple. They work very well, especially for overnight tours where you dont want to have your skins frozen together in the morning. They roll up tightly and are easy to pack. The new ones I recieved will not be good for that. They are way stiffer and the edges are sharp and prone to catch on things. Granted, these new ones will still work fine for summer storage and for use in between tours, (on a day tour you don't need skin savers anyway) but I certainly wouldnt want to try and pack them for a hut trip. G3 took a great product and made it less versatile. Pretty lame.

      Long term storage

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      These are not for daily use. Lay your skins on these at the end of the season, fold them up, and store them in skin bag. They'll be dry and sticky and ready for next season. Don't be the chump at the top of the hill trying to line up your skins on the skin saver, that's not what it's for.

      They work...ish

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      Stiffer than most other skin savers, pointy edges. I ended up burning the edges all the way around so they wouldn't catch on things. But, they do effectively work as skin savers. I will give them that.

      Caution - G3 have changed the product

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I've had a pair of these in the past and they've been really useful. I ordered another set and the product has changed. It's now a much stiffer material with a larger mesh, that I find much less practical in the backcountry. The larger mesh catches on everything and is more difficult to manage. Writing this as a heads up to others.

      Good to have!

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      Some people enjoy the look of ripping apart their skins when they stick them together, I think they look silly. These skins savers will save you time and save you from looking like the hulk. They'll even save you money, since your skins will last longer than the hulks out there. Don't be a hulk.

      good for storage

        Read the description carefully before buying. Those savers are good for storage and for drying skins. They are not good for separating skins in the backpack while you are skiing down. I have an old pair of soft G3 savers that I use every day, and that is what I expected to get. What I got is much harder and thicker, and the edge is sharp like barbwire. Unfortunately I don't know where to get soft(er) savers.

        If you don't have them get them

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        These are awesome for keeping your skins fresh and clean all the time. Especially after long months in storage these are awesome!

        Great for storage!

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        These skin savers are great for storing your skins between tours and over the summer. They will help your skins last longer than if you simply stick them together. You can also use them while touring if your skins are really sticky and hard to get apart. These are a nice addition to all of your backcountry gear!

        Respect the glue

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        1) A must have for long storage of climbing skins.
        2) These are better than a nameless competitor's which fall apart.
        3)Outside temps and strength of glue can vary greatly, skin savers will correct those awful to pull-apart climbing skins.
        4) Skins cost serious coin. Skin Savers are cheap.

        You need these.

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        Are you concerned about herniating a disk or spewing out a stream of expletives that would make your grandmother pale when trying to separate your skins? Do you work up more of a sweat trying to rip those sticky suckers apart at the trailhead than you do while slogging up a skin track?

        Just buy these skin savers. Your life will be less miserable. And don't we all want a little less misery in our lives? Great. Skin savers it is.

        Yes, they're comically overpriced for a long, skinny sheet of weird meshy material. Adding extra toppings to your pizza is comically overpriced too, but you end up being so much happier with your pizza. Treat yo'self.

        Saves skins, but not money.

          This will come with one long saver. You will cut it in half. Put half the skin saver on half of one skin, fold the rest of the skin over the saver,then fold, roll, or hang the skin up.

          These make peeling your skins apart very easy. They also help dry the skins in between use and in between seasons. Very handy product. As the other reviews have said, they seem like they could be cheaper. Pretty sure none of us have ever manufacturer skin savers, so we honestly don't know. But, they do seem like they should cost way less.

          Does a good job keeping skins

          • Familiarity: I've used it several times

          Way better for keeping skins sticky than sticking them to themselves and much easier than the plastic factory film that comes with the G3 skins. Only complaint is really that I think G3 should include these with the sale of their skins. I don't think these should cost as much as they do. Seems like a way for G3 to just get more money out of you.

          Keeping my Skins Sticky

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          The skin savers are awesome. I would highly recommend getting them. The savers continue to keep my skins sticky season after season. I will not buy another pair of skins with out the skin savers.

          My ski's/ skins are 180 cm long what saver should i buy. How long are they

          Do they come as one sheet or as a pair? Do I have to buy two for one pair of skins?

          Hey Ben,

          You only need to buy one Skin Saver since they come as one long sheet and you can cut it in half to have two skin savers. Put the skin saver on half of the skin then fold it and roll it. Feel free to contact me directly with any additional questions.

          Kyle L. - Expert Gearhead

          Unanswered Question

          anyone know a good way to clean these skin...

          anyone know a good way to clean these skin savers... mine are getting pretty gooey.


          I need something to put my skins on to...

          I need something to put my skins on to save them, and while in the backcountry the sheets I have now are 140mm like my skins, the issue is I have no room for error when putting them on. I was thinking about getting the BD Cheat Sheets at 170mm instead. What do you guys think?

          Taylor, I have the K2 Backdrop, 142 at the tip. I bought these 140mm width and they are perfect, and even have room for error. If you're skis are 140 only at the tip, these will be fine for application in the backcountry, even with big gloves on.

          Do these skin savers unravel like the skin...

          Do these skin savers unravel like the skin savers that come with Black Diamond skins?