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Evil Bikes The Offering Mountain Bike Frame

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The Offering Mountain Bike Frame

We figured it was a matter of when, and not if it was going to happen. The Offering Mountain Bike Frame from Evil Bikes is a chassis that many riders, ourselves included, were patiently waiting for with baited breath. Slotting in quite nicely between its established 29ers that include its 120mm travel Following and the 160mm Wreckoning, The Offering sports 140mm of squish that's the Goldilocks amount of travel for a bike that can pedal efficiently and isn't afraid to go full-send when called upon.

It's no secret that here in the office, we're big fans of big wheels and The Offering is its latest wagon wheel bike that simply devours steep and gnarly technical terrain, days in the park, or big backcountry pedaling days alike. While Evil still offers up 27.5-inch rides in its Insurgent and Calling, ever since company head Kevin Walsh discovered the capabilities of the newer crop of 29-inch bikes and the benefits of a 622 ERD, the brand has put an emphasis on building frames that played up to its aggressive and fun nature while blending the speed and rollover ability that only comes with larger wheels.

It's first 29er, The Following, received universal acclaim and it didn't take too long before it realized that it needed to build a long travel machine for higher speed over punishing terrain and one that could compete in enduro racing. The Wreckoning was born and it pushed the limits of what a long travel 29er could do. With both of those bikes getting recent updates this season, it was time for the crew at Evil to turn its attention into developing an excellent tweener.

It had plenty to draw from its other bikes when developing The Offering including its DELTA suspension platform using a trunnion mounted metric shock, Boost spaced rear end, threaded bottom bracket, and premium carbon layup. What it really focused on was a totally modern geometry sporting some of the longest reach numbers we've seen to date on an Evil (a medium Offering is 7mm longer than a large Wreckoning) and the now ubiquitous super-steep seat tube angle that sits at 77-degrees (2-degrees steeper than other bikes in its lineup) built up with a 140mm fork and in its highest geo setting. This translates to a bike with unflappable stability while descending down rowdy terrain or hitting up some lift access for progression in the park, yet it doesn't sacrifice pedaling efficiency on those long days spent pedaling in the woods where you have to earn your turns. There are so many good trail bikes in this travel range so The Offering has some pretty big shoes to fill, however, like we've seen from Evils in the past, these bikes get better the faster you go and instill a certain level of confidence and playfulness that few brands can match.

Perhaps it stems from a brand that has a gravity-fueled addiction, it doesn't make any XC whippets, and even though its DELTA suspension package isn't anywhere close to being inefficient, its most at home mobbing through and over rough terrain. It'd be safe to say that this bike is almost as capable as that of a full-on DH bike from a decade ago, and it can corner and pedal up to the peaks too. This is an amazing testament to modern mountain bike design and it not only lets us ride our usual trails with more speed, but it also gives us the confidence to try some harder trails too.

Naturally, if you're looking at this frame you might be on the fence between it, its little brother The Following, and its big brother The Wreckoning. If you have an XC background and want a bike that offers a little more speed and confidence than a race bike but still keeps low weight and efficiency in mind, The Following might be your best bet. The Wreckoning is a different kettle of fish and is a full-on trophy truck that prefers plow mode and if you have more of a DH-background and feel like you might be able to extract its full potential, go for it. But for most of us, The Offering hits a sweet spot with its all-mountain friendly 65.6 to a very evil 66.6-degree headtube angle, depending on fork travel and what setting you have the linkage flip chip in. With Boost spacing used on all of its bikes, Evil is able to hack the length off of the chainstays to sub-17inch numbers to position the rear wheel right up against the seattube, for a rear end that's the same length as its 130mm travel 27.5-inch Calling. Quick line changes and lofting the front wheel up and over obstacles has never been easier.

The suspension travel is governed by Dave's Extra Legitimate Travel Apparatus, or simply DELTA, which Evil designed in collaboration with Dave Weagle, also of DW-link and Split-Pivot fame. Dave holds more bike patents than you can shake a stick at and has achieved wizard status in the mountain bike suspension world. Essentially, DELTA is a linkage driven single pivot that's chosen to achieve a level of adjustability that's not allowed on DW-link's mini-link design. In fact, DELTA was originally designed as a platform to test different suspension curves, so it's most basic, defining attribute is its limitless adjustability. On the new Offering, it receives the redesigned linkage seen on the Wreckoning and Following, built for simplicity, weight savings, and increased strength. The redesigned dog bone links use integrated forged bosses that connect the linkage to simplify maintenance while boosting lateral stiffness.

Naturally, shock setup is very important on a DELTA bike and Evil works very closely with its suspension partners for the proper tune and hooks up The Offering with a built-in sag measurement meter so you can dial in the prescribed 30% quickly and easily. Just reset the little toggle, hop on the saddle, and add or remove air as needed. This particular version gets the excellent RockShox Super Deluxe RCT3 that is extremely plush and offers easy adjustability for your weight, riding style, and terrain. It went through no less than 8 different sock tunes before selecting the one chosen here.

Riding a DELTA equipped bike is a revelation as it offers an amazingly light-off-the-top early stroke while transitioning into a supportive mid-stroke that simply creates traction as you claw up and over loose, rock ledges and slippery root balls. As you peg the fun meter deeper into its six-plus inches of travel, the kinematics create some ramping to help maintain a bottomless feel and prevents harsh bottom outs so you'll have the confidence to hit that double, huck-to-flat, or stomp that gap you've been eyeballing with the confidence that comes from its refined suspension platform. It takes a lot to find DELTA's limits which is fantastic for those looking to up their game and even Evil's own pro factory pilots.

With all that talk of suspension design and geometry, it'd be easy to dismiss the frame's carbon construction. While Evil has had some issues with carbon manufacturing many moons ago, its unidirectional carbon and one-piece molded frames are now constructed in a factory that also happens to service most of the high-end manufacturers on the market. The new frames simply exude quality and after logging some hard trail miles and subjecting the bikes to a few seasons' worth of general abuse, we can wholeheartedly say its exceeded expectations in the durability department.

This Offering is built up with a new, lighter layup that first appeared on the new Following and Wreckoning, further enhancing that engineered chassis flex that makes Evil bikes a track through hard corners and speed through chunky rock gardens instead of getting deflected off of its line. The marketing hyperbole of increased stiffness with more compliance isn't lost on this one and this bike is an absolute riot to ride and it's hard not to be a hooligan when aboard.

  • A mid-travel 29er built for high speed and precision
  • 140mm of plush, Dave Weagle refined DELTA suspension
  • Boost rear spacing allows for a short rear end with big wheels
  • Customizable geometry courtesy of flip chips at the linkage
  • Sag meter makes for easy shock setup
  • Carbon construction is light, stiff, and durable
  • Modern geometry is built for slaying the mountain, up and down
  • Item #EVB000N

Frame Material
Wheel Size
Rear Shock
RockShox Super Deluxe RCT3
Rear Travel
Head Tube Diameter
1-1/8 - 1.5in tapered
Bottom Bracket Type
Cable Routing
Brake Type
Post-Mount Disc
Seatpost Diameter
Rear Axle
12 x 148mm
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 4

Lots of fun on a big wheel

I've used it several times

This bike was great. Being in the bike world I have always ogled and drooled over Evil waiting for the day to ride one. Finally, that day came! I took this time out for a long day of riding and tons of different terrain. All I can say is it handled and rode like a dream the whole time from lift service to pedaling on a 15-mile trail this bike was amazing. After riding 8 hours at the local park I took this out to see how it did with a full pedal and it was amazing and I still enjoyed the ride the GX drivetrain was great and a huge help with my legs as I noticed no difference in the performance of this thing climbing after a long day. On the build was also the Crank Brothers Highline dropper which I was also incredibly pleased with. The lever felt great and the response for a cable actuation was better than another post I have ridden in the past. If there was something I would change on this bike it would definitely be going straight to the stan's flow Mk3 wheel to feel more comfortable and not worry about dinging rims while on the riding. As well as changing the brakes from the Guide Rs to a set of Xt or Code RSC to help prevent brake fade on longer descents and rides. For Sizing I do definitely recommend jumping down a size I am 6'1'' with a 32-inch inseam and usually, ride a large but felt at home on a medium in this bike

>Rating: 4

Not that Evil

I've put it through the wringer

I assume you have found this bike as you like me and most others now days are yearning for a mid to long travel 29” wagon wheeled bike to get you there just a bit faster. The trick however is to keep it fun and playful like a 27.5 in the meantime. Honestly I never knew I needed bigger wheels till a few of my buds started riding 29’s, this is when I started struggling to keep up on the flats and the climbs. Considering myself to be a bit out of the ordinary I wanted something different than what I see at the trailheads. The Evil Offering is such a fun bike, 140mm front and rear in what feels to be an incredible efficient and playful suspension system. What amazed me is how few pedal strikes I had with this bike. It seems to stay right up in the top of the stroke until you need to use it. I feel that this bike does require a more forward (over the front) riding position to get the most out of it. I did struggle a bit with front end turning until I was able to get the front end weighted, then it would turn just fine. Not an issue if you have a berm etc, but if the trail is off camber or loose where you can’t get it to dig easily this can be a hindrance. I also noticed that on the steepest of climbs the front end feels light which will require you to be a bit more studious when negotiated technically climbs with switchbacks and other terrain. I really wanted this to be the new steed in my stable, but knowing I was going to add a longer fork to the front I felt for my riding style that this wasn’t going to work well for me. Really disappointed I really like this bike! For reference I’m 5’9” 32” inseam I rode a Medium

>Rating: 5

I've been waiting for this....

I've used it several times

I have ridden Evils in the past. I was a proud owner of the shred-ficient following OG. The thing climbed me up to some amazing descents where I lived in the Teton Valley of Idaho - (a much under-appreciated riding zone IMHO).  It rode 35 mile adventure rides, DH at Targhee, Teton Pass laps and an Montana enduro race to boot. Evil bikes have always felt stiff, progressive and have been at the forefront of the 29ers as descent capable bikes.  With the introduction of the Offering they have progressed their geometry yet again making a better pedaling bike with a longer reach giving riders more confidence when out of the saddle. Size wise the geometry gives the bikes a roomier fit - so much so, that I now feel comfortable on a medium frame (I’m 5’11 BTW) - both while climbing and descending.  I’m hoping to hop on a large and double check where I feel better.  If you are any shorter 100% go medium and if you are slightly taller large is your definitely your size.    With the DELTA system controlling the squish riders can toggle between geometry setting without compromising the suspension kinematics giving riders the now established evil traction and control of small bump compliance, mid stroke support and a super progressive end stroke to help make the bike (all their bikes) feel bottomless.   I had a chance to ride this Bike on some of our local trails including Bobsled here in SLC and B line up in Bountiful.  The bike remained super active while pedaling and descending.  It felt best when sprinting up climbs, pushing around turns, and mini jibbing the little trannies on the trail. While the other Evil bikes are super adaptable and capable across the board this bike fits really well in the middle of the line up; easily doing all day rides and so capable of riding rough and jumpy terrain. This bike is at the top of my next bike list. If the Wreckoning is the trophy truck and the Following MB is the sports car this is the rally car; maybe of the 80’s Audi Quattro Group B vintage… dreamy sigh…


Did you end up trying a large frame? I'm the same height and can't decide between M and L

Same question, I'm 5'11" and stuck on the size to get.