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DMM Phantom Carabiner - 5 Pack

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Phantom Carabiner

Each of your carabiners may only weigh a few ounces, but multiply that by your fifty cams and you're carrying a rather rotund child in 'biners alone. The DMM Phantom Carabiner 5 Pack trims the fat to help increase your efficiency for demanding traditional and aid climbing. The Phantom uses DMM's I-Beam technology (the spine resembles a steel I-beam) and a lightweight alloy for strength and weight reduction, and the custom bent wire gate pulls itself into the nose when weighted. A steep basket and a slight rope groove keep the Phantom loaded along the spine. DMM anodized each Phantom in the 5 pack in a different color to match your cams or to add a little rainbow flair.
  • Item #DMM0028

hot-forged aluminum
Gate Type
Major Axis Strength
23 kN
Minor Axis Strength
7 kN
Open Gate Strength
9 kN
Gate Opening
21 mm
52 x 89mm
Claimed Weight
0.92 oz
Recommended Use
lightening up
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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Perfect size

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

This is the sweet spot between the photon full size goodness and the nano's uber light weight tinyness. Perfect for me whom wants to rack up light and rock some uber light alpine draws. The colors don't match up with the metolius scheme. Whatever though. Gate action is stiff. No fancy snap like the petzl djinn and spirits. Not complaining anyways.

>Rating: 4

nice light biner

I've put it through the wringer

I have more faith in DMM than CAMP so when I need a light biner I generally go with the phantom which is reasonably priced, light and strong. However, much of my rack is made up of the Alpha light, which is a little heavier and costs more.


DMM specs

>Rating: 5


I've put it through the wringer

These little biners are perfect for racking cams. Lightweight, nice gate action, and the anodizing seems pretty durable. My gear sling has reinforced loops like a harness so snagging isn't an issue. If you use a sling that snags, DMM makes their clean nosed Alpha Trad and Alpha light in color packs as well. Phantom is the perfect biner for my use.

>Rating: 5

Awesome little biners

I got a couple of these to make some draws out of some spare bones i had and they make for THE lightest draws i have awesome colors and smooth gate and no issues with clipping


size comparison

camp nano23, madrock ultralight, madrock super tech, DMM spectre2, DMM phantom, wildcountry helium

>Rating: 4

Best small carabiner

For a small carabiner this has really good gate action. It's not so stiff and dead feeling like some others. The gate size is not big, but plenty big to clip a rope easily. I'll be buying more to rack gear and keep the weight down.

>Rating: 5

The best BD Camalot #0.5-3 companion

These lightweight binners are the best BD Camalot #0.5-3 companion - have the same colors and weight much less then BD Neutrino. The gate clearance is pretty good.

Probably the most miserable experience you can gain while having an Elvis leg after long runout is when a nose of your racking binner hangs on your racking sling. Yesterday I compared in-field DMM Phantoms with WC Heliums head-to-head. Seems there's no point to use 5g lighter Phantoms for cams racking - you don't need many dozens of cams so there's no reason to expect a great weight shaving on racking binners.

So you are saying that the Helium is a better racking biner, as the helium wont snag on your racking sling?

Sam, exactly. Phantoms snag every time you really do not want it. Now days my racking binner of choice is BD Oz rackpack. They are lightweight, color coded with C4/X4/Dragons, and does not snag. Heliums are good but a bit on a bulky side.

upd. And I really really want to get Petzl Ange S rackpack. That would be the best possible option for non-winter climbing.

Sounds like you should definitely check out the DMM Alpha Light rack pack. Trying to decide if double the price is worth the clean nose for racking my new cams...

>Rating: 5

Best Racking Biner Out There

These biners directly compete with BD Neutrinos. When comparing wieght they are 26g which is 10g lighter than neutrinos. The only biners that are lighter are CAMP 23s or Metolius F.S. Mini both of which are smaller than this biner. Strength wise these biners also have stronger open gate strength. From a subjective point of view I find the gates to operate smoother and the bright anodizing makes them look cool and stand out on your rack. The only downside is the price which I overcame when they where 20% off.

>Rating: 5

Great Racking Biner!

I bought a set of these for a few of my doubles sizes. The rest of my cams are on DMM Spectre biners. The first thing I noticed about these biners was how small they are. Don't be fooled, they are small. The second thing I noticed was their awesome design and clear/fluid gate action. These carabiners are very easy to use. At first I thought that their small size would make them difficult to clip, but after taking them out a couple times I started reaching for these before my Spectres for easy clipping. These may not be the best multi purpose wiregate out there, but for those looking for a fantastic racking biner that is lightweight and clips well, the Phantom is king.

>Rating: 4

Nice for anal retentive racking

Nice 'biners that come in a useful set of colors for coding up a rack, lighter than the BD Neutrinos, just a tad bit smaller than a Trango Superfly. For general purpose use I'd go with something cheaper or regular sized though.

>Rating: 3

Nothing special

Nice fit and finish. Small carbiner, good for those long approaches. The big problem is the big price. Suggest a Wild Country Astro to save some $. I don't mind a few extra grams, and prefer a regular sized carabiner, so I go with WC Heliums or Nitros.

I agree. I love these biners at 26g, but the Wild Country Heliums weigh in at 33grams and are full sized -- which makes an amazing difference in utility for clipping or racking.


Hi Im debating on DMM Spectres 2 and DMM...

Hi Im debating on DMM Spectres 2 and DMM Phantoms. I want them to be my ultimate trad alpine-quickdraws biners. I want them to be light and functional. Both are light but i cant make up my mind which ones should I buy. Is it much of a difference between those or is it more like getting use to it issue?

The biggest difference between the two is size. The Spectre has a larger gate opening and overall larger feel. I use Spectres for ice climbing draws (clipping with gloves and all, and i use Moses biners (Mammut's equivalent to the Phantom) for racking on alpine draws and gear. It just depends on personal preference, but for an ultimate alpine draw i would do Mammut contact slings with Phantom biners. Hope this helps.

Yes, that helps! ;) I have bought a dozen of Phantoms. thanks!


Hey I wanted to buy colour biners as...

Hey I wanted to buy colour biners as carriers on a gear sling for my Black Diamond C4 Cams and I have two questions: 1. If they really fit the colour of the C4 cams I mean if the yellow is yeallow, not greenish etc? 2. Which biner would be better for only carrying C4 cams - spectre 2 colour or this phantom since the phantoms are lighter (but smaller) - they will fit the sling which is connected with C4's handles?

I feel obligated to point out to you that the BD Neutrino (item BLD0806), though slightly heavier, is specifically designed to color-code Black Diamond cams AND they're $5.83 per 'biner as opposed to $9.58 for the Phantom and Spectre, so you could get EIGHT Neutrinos for the price of five of either of those. That said, if you're determined to go with DMM I'd get the Spectre. If you want more than one piece on each clip, you'll need more room than the Phantom provides.