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  • Backcountry Access - Magic Carpet Skins - One Color

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  • Backcountry Access - Magic Carpet Skins - One Color

Backcountry Access Magic Carpet Skins

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    24 Reviews


    Magic Carpet Skins

    Slap on the Backcountry Access Magic Carpet Skins, do a beacon check, and begin your trek up the mountain for some deliciously deep pow turns. 

    • Water-repellent nylon sends you gliding steadily up the skin track
    • Glue is formulated for cold North American temps
    • Tip and tail hardware is compatible with most ski designs, including rounded twintip designs
    • Included trim kit gives you the tools you need to cut your skins to fit any sidecut
    • Length: 195cm
    • Item #BCA2941

    Tech Specs

    Tip Attachment
    Tail Attachment
    Skin Savers Included
    Case Included
    Recommended Use
    backcountry touring
    Manufacturer Warranty
    1 year

    Tech Specs

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    absolute trash

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    The first pair of these I had started gumming up the bottom of my skis with glue residue after about 40 climbs. BCA was great in honoring their warranty and sent me a new pair but the 2nd pair had the same problems in fewer treks than the first. I stored them in reasonable temperatures and was very diligent about drying them and putting them on cheat sheets after every use. My other major complaint is that even with gobstopper wax on them, sticky/wet snow built up on the bottom while climbing a few times whereas my buddies using BD Ascension skins never had issues. There's nothing worse than adding an additional 15-20 pounds per step because the snow is building up on the bottom of your skis.

    I would definitely steer clear of these skins.

    Improve with age

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    After four years of year round use, I finally bought a new pair. Unfortunately, this renew happened because I sold my old skis/ skins as a combo. I am bummed to restart the break in process, but stoked these are still for sale. Overtime the glue gets easier to work with, the glide gets better, and the skins get easier to fold (low-profile). These are downright durable and I honestly got more happy with them over time. I have used numerous G3 skins and ski with buddies who use both BD and gecko clueless skins, these outperform all those in a jack of all trades master of none sense (you can reliably use them anywhere and they will work).
    If you’re looking for a simple, reliable, year around skin these are the ones, as you can tell I had no interest in over complicating things by trying something new/ “fancier.”

    Note: cut the tip to a narrow profile, don’t try to cut it to the edge. This will help a lot with snow buildup under the skin and therefore skin stick. Also I found the need to bolt the tail like you would the tip attachment of a BD skin. Will try to find a picture of my old skin.

    BCA Magic Carpet Skins Stick

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I've used these all over the world in every type of snow imaginable. They stick. When my buddies are sliding back and flailing, I'm sticking and gripping.

    These things are tough, as well. I commonly climb over jagged steep rocks in these and they don't get beat up.

    The glue is also crazy strong. Almost too strong. But I'd rather have the glue be strong and last a long time than the alternative.

    Overall these stick, they're tough, and the glue goes forever.

    They are a bit heavier than some other skins on the market, but the tradeoff in power more than makes up for the tiny bit of extra weight.

    Glue is way too sticky

      A lot of reviewers here state that the glue is super sticky on these skins. They are correct. The glue is like cement! Took them out yesterday for their first day of use and i will never use them again. After touring up to a ridge, it took two people to get the skins OFF my skis. This should've been my first red flag but the untouched pow stole my attention and down we went into a gulley to get fresh tracks. When it was time to tour back uphill....We could NOT get my skins apart (I folded them in half like I've always skin savers). My partner and I tried for 10 min to get the skins apart which was a hilarious and futile scene if anyone had been watching. While my partner was prepping to tour out for help (no way could I walk uphill thru fresh pow), a group of snowshoers appeared and offered to help. It took 3 people to get my skins apart and we were pulling so hard that we tore the nylon from the black base of the skins (see pic). I was able to use them to get out to civilization again....but damn....I wouldn't recommend these skins to anyone!! Not sure if it was the 11degree temps that cemented the glue or if I got a defective pair...but I'm not sure why anyone would want skins that are pretty damn near impossible to use. Two stars because they had excellent grip going uphill.

      Glue is way too sticky


      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      The cutting tool worked great and I cut my skins to my ski fairly quickly! The feature of folding itself back on the stick side is interesting, however it works great! Climbing up I stick great to the snow. I know I can rely on these skins!

      Grippy and Trustworthy Skins

        I have always toured with BCA Magic Carpet Skins and they have yet to disappoint. I have had friends have issues with their skins when the skin track is icy, or adhesion wearing off quickly, but not the magic carpet skins. I had my old pair for 3 seasons and were still SUPER adhesive - I only got a new pair because i got new skis, but will always be loyal to the BCA Magic Carpet Skins. Also, super easy to cut and the skins come with a cutting tool. And I personally like the clips on these skins more than other systems as they are really easy to get on and off quickly.

        good grip, great glide

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        I have been nothing but pleased with my BCA magic carpets. The uphill grip is good, and the downhill glide is great. I have heavily used my magic carpets for three seasons now. The glue is still as sticky as the day I pulled them out of the bag. Never have I been the guy with multiple voile straps holding my skins on, and BCA I salute you for that. Sierra conditions as we all know are wet, and rarely do I find snow gathering/clumping to the bottoms of my skins. For the most part, these skins outlast my legs. Take a ride to the top of a mountain on the Magic Carpets. You won't be disappointed.

        Solid all around skins

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        I have used these all winter, touring about 5 miles a week, and they show very little signs of wear. They're super grippy and won't slip back even when the people around you are. The glue is also still sticky and I haven't had to do any maintenance on them. When cutting them, I recommend using a marker to draw the cutting lines for the tail connector. Makes it super easy!

        Lighter and Stickier

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        I was using Black Diamond skis for years until it came time for a new pair which is when I bought a pair of magic carpet skins. These skins proved to be lighter than the BD skins and ultimately prevented me from slipping in places where I wasn't be able to keep my feet under me before. Look no further.

        Sticky SOB's

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        The Magic Carpet glue is phenomenal and almost too sticky. They are more reliable than BD's Ascension Nylon's in terms of adhesion. The glide is ok on these but the traction and skin graphics are awesome!

        Great Cold Weather Skins

          This is my second season using these skins and I have become less impressed with continued use. While slipping is rarely an issue on steeper slopes I have found that during spring skiing conditions they accumulate snow very quickly. Having had a very warm February, BC expeditions have been especially difficult because of ice and snow build up on the skins.
          My next move will be to invest in some skin wax but overall I have been disappointed with their performance. Especially considering my BC buddies who are using different brands of skins have no issue in the warmer/stickier snow conditions. If skin wax isn't sufficient in taking care of snow build up I will definitely be purchasing a different pair of skins. The added effort of carrying around 1-6 inches of snow on your skis can lead to some tired legs!

          Great Skins!

            I think anyone would agree the graphics on these skins are awesome! Beyond the look they are great skins. Easy to cut and fit. Easy to attach to your skis and the system keeps them there and as we all know there is nothing worse than a skin that keeps falling off your skis.

            Have been great so far

            • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

            Took these skins out for a couple laps last week and they truly performed. The conditions were very spring like with wet/slick snow in places. I slipped a few times but only on the second lap and it could have been more to do with the snow softening/getting icy. They were very easy to cut, and very easy to get on and off my skis. I use these skins on volkl 10eight w skis and the combination has been great. I would recommend these skins to anyone looking for a new pair!


            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            The best gear is the gear you never have to think or worry about. I never have to worry if my Magic Carpets will be up to the task. The glue is borderline cement (easily remedied by a strip of packing tape), the glide is fantastic and the grip on the way up is second to none. I do however use an STS tail clip verses the stock tail clip as I think it is more versatile and the skins can fit multiple length skis. These skins have never failed me even after years of use and abuse.


            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            O the compliments I get on the style of these skins is enough to recommend them! but then how easy they are to cut to your ski's and how well they glide and also purchase makes them an easy decision. best skins i've owned yet.

            Magic Carpets

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            The name says it all. My Magic carpets have led me to some of the most magical lines of my life in Japan, Alaska, Tetons, San Juans, Sierra Nevada, etc. I always hear of people complaining about there skins on the track as I walk by or look back. The glue is incredible and I have never had a problem with them getting clogged with snow or too wet to keep me going all day for multiple laps. Might I add the glide on the Magic carpets is incredible. Really fast both up and down hill. The nose and tail clips are practical, light and fast when assembling and disassembling your setup. Over time I have had to replace the tail clip, but other than that I have never had them fail me in the mountains. Well worth every penny, and a must have to keep you going all day every day. Best regards!

            Benny Schmitt

            Ride The Carpet

              Grabbed these skins for a week-long trip to a backcountry ski lodge in the B.C. interior. After having used BD skins, and G3 skins, these get my 2nd place preference. (G3, BCA, and BD - is my final answer).

              THE GOODS

              * CUTTING: fairly easy to cut, though the directions weren't the best I've seen. G3 has a FAR superior cutting tool, so if you can get your sticky paws on one of those, certainly do it. The cutting tool included with these is identical to what you would find with BD. It works, it isn't amazing, it isn't truly awful. But when compared to the G3 cutting tool - well, this just takes quite a bit more time.

              TIP & TAIL ATTACHMENT: Just fine, the tip is very secure and I never had any issues. The tail attachment is a little trickier, and I found it difficult to both attach and remove without taking my gloves off. All said and done, it's a MUCH better tail attachment than the BD skins, but I like the cam strap design on the G3 skins best of all.

              That being said, this tip/tail arrangement works, I like it far better than BD's design and I never had any issues.

              * GLIDE - excellent. Never had any issues with glide, these skins felt great.

              * GRIP - Nothing amiss here either. I would say these perform a tiny bit better on really steep sections than my G3 skins, so the grippiness is among the best I've found for the snowpack I've encountered. (That's mostly drier, low-density, low-water content in both Utah and interior BC).

              * PACKABILITY: Again, excellent. These pack down VERY small and take up far less space in my pack than my BD or G3 skins ever did. They did get fairly stiff and less packable when it was -4 out but that's pretty extreme temps - BRRRrrrrrrrrr. They were so packable I even put skins in my jacket for the first time - I could never do that with my BD or G3 skins because they were so bulky and I like a tighter fit on my touring kit.

              * CON'T BELOW....

              Ride The Carpet

              * THE STICKY ICKY - this was the biggest area where these skins fell short for me. Of my group of 5-6 people I was usually the one with the least stickiest skins. Some days these worked absolutely fine, other days I had problems with stick - and one day a voile strap was the only thing that saved me. I was pretty puzzled - these just seemed downright finicky. Some days they worked, and one day they were so bad I had to use the strap, but later in the day, they were fine. We had two days where the temps hovered around -4, these were the days I had the hardest time getting the skins to stick on multiple laps. So I assume the glue loses a little power in these extreme conditions. I began putting a lot more effort into keeping the skins snow free and scraping any snow off the skins after removing, but still occasionally struggled to get them to stick. I would say they didn't stick well in 2 out of every 5 applications. All said and done, I only had one TRUE failure throughout the course of the week, so this wasn't a total deal-breaker.

              Overall, I would say stick on G3 and BD skins was better.

              If you live somewhere SUPER cold, you may want to consider other options. This could also be something to do with the material the bases of my skis were made of - perhaps the formula was bad for whatever Liberty Skis uses on their base.

              SUMMARY: I would recommend these to a friend because they are fairly easy to use and have excellent grip and glide. If you live in a milder climate or don't use Liberty skis, I don't expect you would have problems with sticking.

              Not for Venture Storm Splitboard

              • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

              I picked these up in hopes of using them on a 166 Venture Storm Splitboard. I talked with a gear guru who recommended them but they did not seem to want to fit on the deck. Now the nose is a bit more pointy than most boards, so that could really be the issue, but even when I tried to line it up it was pretty far off. Maybe too far off for comfort for most boards. The skins themselves looked like they were well made, had very nice long hairs and strong glue. So this review is a bit of a wash. I am sure the skins are great for skis, but not a good fit for my particular splitboard. Maybe others have had better luck?

              This may be a silly question, but I saw that the skin length is 195cm. Will they work for a 179 ski?

              Unanswered Question

              Would these work on line sir francis bacon's in 178? Wondering about the 195 cm length..

              Unanswered Question

              I m new to skinning and have the RMU CRM 175cm x 138-101-128 Which size skins and what else should I get to make a go of this? Undoubtedly these will be short tours in my 1st year.

              Thanks a bunch


              Unanswered Question

              Would these skins stretch to fit a pair of 200cm RMU Professors

              Will the 110 fit my Ski Trab Tour Rando XL Ski or should i get the 115 and cut to fit?

              Best Answer

              The 110 mm will work just fine. The tip may be a bit bigger but, its only 3 mm and isnt where most of the friction is applied anyway. To be honest though I would put a really light skin such as a pure mohair on your really light ski.

              Which climbing skins are best for 191cm...

              Which climbing skins are best for 191cm Dynafit Stoke skis

              Best Answer

              Hey bobp831936,

              Thank you for your question.

              I would suggest the 130mm size in these BCA Magic Carpet Skins. You can trip them to the shape of your Dynafit Stoke skis to have the most effective surface area of the ski covered.

              Any ideas on how to store these skins? my...

              Any ideas on how to store these skins? my old Black Diamond skins came with a mesh so that I could put the skins together and not have to deal with glue on glue. I see they are rolled up in the picture, but wouldn't the plush on the sticky compromise the stick?

              if my skis are 182cm in length will i be...

              if my skis are 182cm in length will i be able to fit these skins to my skis considering they are 195cm?


              You may be wondering why these skins are so long and why they are only offerred in one length. The good news for you is that the skins are ultra long so you can adjust them to the length of your skis and these will fit a 182 ski just fine(It's magic!). The tip is riveted on the skin so you will cut the tail end, attach the rubber hook and fold the skin on itself. Just make sure you don't cut the skin too short or you will be wondering where all of those 195 centimeters went. Slap these badboys on and you will be riding your own magic carpet all over the mountain.

              How long are these skins? Can anyone post...

              How long are these skins?

              Can anyone post a photo of the tailhook, please?

              hello. I have some older school TUA Ride...

              hello. I have some older school TUA Ride 104 Telemark skiis. They are 185's and I would like to buy these Backcountry Access Magic Carpet Skins. Also, I have a pair of Karhu BC waxless skis that are 195's. The questions are these: Can I pull off one pair of skins for both lengths without compromising performance AND will the skins be effective on the waxless based Karhus that have more camber?? Thanks

              Hey - I recently bought a pair of these skins myself, so I can tell you a few things about them. First of all, the tip and tail mounting hardware is great, my buddy just got Black Diamond skins, and we both agree my hardware is nicer. However, the tail piece attaches by cutting the skin down to about half its original width, and then doubling it back through. So if you cut the strip long enough to pull it through and make the skin tight on the 185, you would have about 10 cm of skinnier skin under your ski on the 195s. Not necessarily a problem, but something to think about.

              i know makes simple skins so i imagine you could use any skin and not use the tail piece. and the camber shouldn't matter as long as your skin is wall to wall underfoot. don't know about the waxless base.

              would these work on my EP Pro's? And what...

              would these work on my EP Pro's? And what size is recommended for them?

              Yea they would. Buy skins that fit the widest part of the ski, sometimes, like the EP they don't make them that wide. In that case buy the fattest ones you can find but be sure they are at least wide enough at the waist.