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Aqua-Bound Eagle Ray Carbon Paddle - 2-Piece Posi-Lok


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  • Black abX, 210cm
  • Black abX, 215cm
  • Black abX, 220cm
  • Black abX, 230cm
  • Black abX, 240cm
  • Black abX, 250cm

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Eagle Ray Carbon Paddle

You've dreamed of touring the Nā Pali Coast for years. Checking your gear one last time, you climb into your kayak and reach for the Eagle Ray Posi-Lok 2-Piece Carbon Paddle by Aqua-Bound. The best of both worlds, this paddle is the top of its line and is perfect for low-angle paddlers who are looking for the bite of a high-angle paddle. The Posi-Lok ferrule system clicks into position for a strong, secure fit, while a dual-button release allows for quick feathering adjustment and easy storage. Carbon construction makes this paddle feel light in your hands so that you'll be able to paddle longer and see more of those lush, tropical shores.

  • A high-quality, affordable paddle perfect for touring
  • Lightweight materials for increased endurance
  • Long, skinny blade designed for a more relaxed paddle
  • Posi-Lok ferrule system for personalized fit
  • Item #AQB0026

Shaft Material
Blade Material
carbon-reinforced nylon
Overall Length
210 cm, 220 cm, 230 cm, 240 cm, 250 cm
Blade Length
20 in
Blade Width
6.3 in
Blade Area
98 sq in
Shaft Shape
Shaft Profile
Feather Angle
Posi-Lok (infinite)
Paddling Style
Claimed Weight
30.3 oz
Recommended Use

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 1

Avoid. Run Away From Aquabound!

I've used it several times

Firstly, this is THE SINGLE WORST PIECE OF PADDLING GEAR I HAVE EVER USED. *PROOF IN 2 POINTS.* 1: THE BLADES- It is a flagrent LIE that this paddle is "100% carbon" as aquabound claims. It is PLASTIC. Specifically, carbon doped plastic. Think dipping a rabbit turd in gold and claiming it is a gold nugget. The blades are only slightly stiffer than the (other) cheapo plastic paddles at Woomart; "20% stiffer" according to aquabound themselves. Don't believe me? Aquabound's own paddle line reveals the next paddle up in price and performance, as well as lower weight, is Pure Fiberlass. Yep. Thats right It's THAT kind of lie. 2, THE SHAFT: while IT actually IS carbon, it's the cheapest possible assembly. This is carbon tape, wound around a former/ mandrel like spiral winding duct tape around a broomstick. Complete with sharp overlapping ridges. THE LIE: this is special texturing aquabound did for your benifit, on perpose. THE TRUTH: it was the cheapest thing they could do. THE RESULT: big, bad BLISTERS. (Btw, if you think you will be immune, good luck. I am a former professionals athlete with a 600lbs deadlift (without gloves), and had to abandon the second day of paddling due to LARGE BLISTERS from this paddle. My dainty hands? My calluses have calluses.) 3: OVERALL PERFORMANCE: The lock sytem is ok, but not that special. The blades are a good shape, but are heavy flexable PLASTIC. The result is an uncomfortable, inefficient swing weight. Horrible polar mass loading. (Think spinning a dumbbell vs cannonball of same mass.) The shaft is lighter, and actually carbon, unlike the plastic blades they are bonded to: but what good is a shaft that is a little lighter if it takes you out of the game from hand blisters? USELESS. 4: CONCLUSION: I am shocked that any retailer would sell paddles from this company to their customers. Aquabound has bold-face-lied about the material compositions of these paddles, saying there are "100% carbon fron tip to tip", and multiple other statements specifically designed to mislead consumers. They are PLASTIC blades. Again, if you want to UPGRADE to an ALL FIBERGLASS paddle, they will sell you one, but for alot more money. But, why buy from these con men? Do yourself a favor and buy a fiberglass blade paddle from a company with integrity. It will be lighter, stiffer, better swing weight, more comfortable in the hand. And yes a little more money. But at least you wont have gotten con-jobed into paying 200$ FOR A PLASTIC PADDLE. And if you want to paint it black and tell your friends it's 100% percent carbon, go for it. After all, thats what Aquabound did.

>Rating: 5

MantaRay fiberglass to EagleRay carbon

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I am a low angle paddler. The difference between the MantaRay fiberglass and EagleRay carbon paddles is night and day. The swing weight and overall weight of the EagleRay carbon feel like effortless paddling compared to the MantaRay fiberglass paddle. The MantaRay paddle is good. The EagleRay paddle is great.


Eagle Ray Series from Aqua-Bound

The Eagle Ray Series is perfect for low-angle paddlers looking to get a bigger bite with every paddling stroke. The Carbon and Hybrid models are short on weight but not quality, as Aqua-Bound is known worldwide for their ability to injection-mold the highest quality, most durable blades. Lightweight, durable, smart, and affordable... Meet the Eagle Ray series from Aqua-Bound! A product of Osceola, Wisconsin, USA.


Posi-Lok Ferrule System

Here is a shorter version of the video on the Posi-Lok ferrule from Aqua-Bound, the latest, most cutting-edge new ferrule system to hit kayaking in years. Built 100 percent from market research and consumer-driven feedback, the Posi-Lok ferrule has a sleek design and intuitive functionality. For more information on this exciting new ferrule, please visit:


What is the weight of the 250cm?

Aqua-Bound's website has it listed at 30.25 ounces (857 grams). Check it out: