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Why Women Need Wool

Wool clothing. Not scratchy, too-hot wool, but smooth, comfy merino or lambswool sweaters, long underwear, socks, hats, etc.--there's nothing...

First Impressions: Burton Step On Binding System and New Boards

A crew of Backcountry Gearheads and their customers check out the new Burton Step On binding system, along with hot new boards for 2018, including...

How to Choose Ski or Snowboard Pants

When you're choosing a new pair of ski or snowboard pants, it's worth taking some time researching the various fabrics, features, and styles that...

The Layering Equation

Calculating how to layer on clothing for maximum comfort while venturing outside can be a tricky equation. There are lots of variables, like...

No Friends on a Powder Day

They say, "No friends on a powder day," but you can still enjoy face shots when the snow's deep in the company of others, if you follow these tips...

How to Care for Your Down Jacket

Wondering how to clean and repair your down jacket? Here are some tips on maintaining your puffy.

How To Choose An Insulated Jacket

Learn about the key differences between synthetic and down insulation, and compare different kinds of insulated jackets.

How to Choose Climbing Skins

Learn how to choose, use and care for alpine touring climbing skins.

How to Size a Snowboard

Choosing your snowboard length involves a mix of subjective and objective factors, including your height and weight, the type of riding you’ll be...

How a Beacon Search Works

What are the elements of a beacon-aided avalanche rescue, and how are the beacon, probe, and shovel used?

Essential Gear for Splitboarding

Learn what you'll need to get started on backcountry snowboarding, or splitboarding. Covers differences in splitboards, Voile and Karakoram...

20 Uses for a Ski Strap

The Backcountry.com community has come up with some great uses for the trusty ski strap; here we list 20 of them.