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How A Winter Kit Made The Perfect Trip

Gearheads are Backcountry’s outdoor experts, gear enthusiasts, and customer service team.

A Setup That Steps Up

Gearhead Alex connects a fellow Midwestern skier with the gear to get outside.

The Roundup

Backcountry’s monthly roundup of the best from the backcountry and beyond.

Tips Every Backcountry User Should Know

Chad Brackelsberg of the Utah Avalanche Center provides critical advice for a day skiing or riding in backcountry terrain

A Letter from the CEO

A Letter from the CEO

5 Ways to Keep the Spirit of Adventure Going

Whether you’re social distancing or just stuck inside waiting for conditions to change, here are some ways to keep the spirit of adventure going...

Yurt Trip Tips

Plan a yurt ski trip, from how to find the right yurt and what gear you’ll need to how to plan yurt trip meals.

Snowshoe 101

Learn the basics of snowshoe gear, technique, and safety to prepare for your winter hike, whether snowshoeing Colorado or Maine.

The Layers of Avalanche Awareness

An avalanche forecaster from the Utah Avalanche Center shares insights from his career and where we’re at with avalanche awareness.

Our Top 10 U.S. Destinations for the New Decade

Are you looking for more adventures to fill the new decade? Here are 10 U.S. travel destinations to visit in the 2020s.

A Life Outside

Some towns just do it better. Here’s our five best outdoor towns and cities that prioritize time in nature.

Avalanche Rescue Gear Essentials

Check out these three steps to make sure you are prepared for your first backcountry tour of the season.