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Outervention: Costa Rica

Backcountry is bringing customers on a journey of a lifetime to far-flung destinations to disconnect from the hustle and grind, and reconnect with...

Our May Roundup

Our monthly digest of the best stories from the backcountry and beyond.

Making Your Own Foraged Inks

Looking for a new way to get outside and be creative? Here are some tips for making your own inks out of foraged pigments.

Set Your Adventure Dog Up For Success

We built dog gear with our partners at Petco for hiking, camping, swimming, and more—explore the new gear and get our tips for fun, safe adventures...

DIY Snow Cones

Looking for a way to sweeten up a powder day? Lentine Alexis brings us an easy way to make snow cones of any flavor.

Our Essential Picks For Spring Road Trips

Tired of the cold? See the food storage, sleep systems, and other essentials we bring along on our spring road trips.

How To Choose A Backpacking Sleep System

From shelter systems to what you wear to bed, set yourself up for a successful night's sleep—wherever your feet take you.

Adventures In Iceland

Navigating a new place can be complex, so Honorary Gearhead Landon provides some of his tips for visiting the land of fire and ice

Periods In The Wild

How to stay clean, care for the environment, and care for yourself if you’re menstruating during your next adventure.

Whipped Vanilla Cider

Looking for an alternative to the usual holiday drink? Lentine Alexis brings us her take on spiced cider, ready to customize for your next gathering.

Turkey Dinner Hand Pies

Make the most of the leftovers and get ready to get back on the trail with this recipe from Lentine Alexis.

Women-Led Wednesday

From skis to headbands, bike shorts to overalls, these women-led brands are pushing the outdoor industry forward to a more inclusive future.