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Hydrofoiling 101

A beginner’s guide to hydrofoiling and an intro to the gear you need to wake foil and wing foil.

How To Be “Pura Vida”

Slow the hustle and manage burnout at work by adapting pura vida, the national life philosophy of Costa Rica, with some tips from the Ticos & Ticas...

How To Take Care Of A Surfboard

Learn about proper surfboard care from our Gearheads and that board will stay ready to ride for years to come.

How To Buy Your First Wakeboard

Buying your first wakeboard? Before you buy, check our tips on what to consider when getting your first board.

Our August Roundup

Some of the stories we're following this month.

Surf Setup 101

Surfer and Backcountry ambassador Caley Vanular shares the best surfing gear for beginners.

How To Surf: A Beginner’s Guide

Keen on going surfing? Here’s everything you need to know to catch your first wave (and only look slightly kooky in the process).

How To Choose A Wetsuit For Surfing

We’re digging into the tech and features of choosing a wetsuit for surfing, from the type and length of wetsuit to thickness and construction.

The Roundup

Backcountry’s monthly roundup of the best from the backcountry and beyond.

A Beginner’s Guide to Winter Surfing

Surfer Caley Vanular walks us through gearing up for surfing in cold weather.

A Letter from the CEO

A Letter from the CEO

The Flip Side: Volume 16

Stories to Keep You Outdoor-Inspired in Our New Normal