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How to Go Surfing and Snowboarding / Skiing on the Same Vancouver Island Trip

Go surfing and snowboarding or skiing—even on the same day—on a trip to Vancouver Island.

Our Top 10 U.S. Destinations for the New Decade

Are you looking for more adventures to fill the new decade? Here are 10 U.S. travel destinations to visit in the 2020s.


Get the details on Backcountry’s first ever pop-up shop in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, open this winter.

Meet the Wander Women Collective

The Wander Women Collective brings people together through the arts and the outdoors. Here’s a look at their three-part video series.

A Life Outside

Some towns just do it better. Here’s our five best outdoor towns and cities that prioritize time in nature.

The Gear Connection

Find out how Backcountry Gearheads go above and beyond to ensure you get the right gear for what you need—and how one customer got the chance to...

Gearhead Picks: Ventrix Light Fleece Hoodie

What makes The North Face Ventrix Light Fleece Hybrid Hoodie so perfect for high-output adventures? This Backcountry Gearhead has the answer.

The Secret Ingredient in Backcountry’s Products

Discover how the expertise of our Gearheads contributes to the making of Backcountry’s collections.

The Ski Town With Something for Everyone

Is a trip to Park City on your list? Park City resident John Perry divulges the best things to do around town.

Donna Carpenter

CEO Donna Carpenter shares how she’s leading Burton and the industry towards a more diverse, sustainable future.

Finding Contrast

If you’ve been dreaming of a ski trip to Japan, here’s the beta on savoring Japanese powder—and a bowl of après ramen, to boot.

Arc’teryx Backcountry Academy: What’s In Your Pack

The Arc’teryx Academy is back for its second year and we’ve got the low down on the what to pack for all the ski mountaineering and touring clinics...