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Gearhead Picks: Ventrix Light Fleece Hoodie

Zina Bougri’s Favorite Do-It-All Jacket

Is there really one jacket that can handle a variety of activities like ski touring, running, biking, or hiking? In this episode of Gearhead Picks, Backcountry Gearhead Zina Bougri talks about her favorite do-it-all jacket: The North Face Ventrix Light Fleece Hybrid Hoodie. This hooded jacket focuses on moisture management and temperature control to keep you warm when you’re stationary and prevent you from overheating when you’re working hard. Watch to learn what makes this jacket so versatile.

It’s that time of year when nature can’t decide if it wants to be hot or cold. So I want to talk about my favorite do it all jacket for this transitional time of year. It’s The North Face Ventrix Light Fleece Hybrid Hoodie. It has lightweight synthetic insulation in core areas and fleece stretch panels for moving comfort and breathability. So it keeps you warm when you’re stationary and keeps you from overheating when you’re not.

This jacket is super versatile and really breathable so it’s perfect for just about any activity. That goes from backcountry skiing to running, hiking, and even biking. I wear it frequently when I’m climbing in cooler temperatures. It can be used as a stand alone jacket or as a layering piece. It’s really low profile and has awesome thumb loops, and that makes it really easy to wear under a ski jacket, rain jacket, or any other jacket.

The North Face has implemented Ventrix technology which features small perforations in the jacket that stay closed when static and open up when you’re moving. This tech allows you to dump excess heat and moisture when you’re working hard. However, don’t think that The North Face has forgotten about warmth. They’ve equipped this jacket with a DWR coating and 60 grams of synthetic insulation in core areas. The DWR coating coupled with synthetic insulation ensures the retention of body heat even when wet and is sure to keep you comfortable when the temps dip.

Beyond the tech The North Face has added some really thoughtful elements to this jacket. The hood fits nicely and serves as a great barrier against the cold and wind. Additionally the zippered pockets are perfect for snacks and other small essentials.

Thanks for watching Gearhead Picks. Make sure to contact our Gearheads if you have any questions or reach out to Zina directly at zbougri@backcountry.com. Find The North Face Ventrix Light Fleece Hybrid Hoodie here.