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How to Choose a Ski or Snowboard Jacket

Here are the key types and features you'll want to consider to choose the right ski or snowboard jacket for the right conditions.

New Directions in Snowboarding

The trend in snowboarding to directional, tapered boards draws inspiration from the sport’s formative years. But nowadays these nostalgic shapes...

Fly Fishing the Bolivian Amazon

Ian Provo's quest for the perfect river and his thirst for adventure take him deep up the Bolivian Amazon in search of the Golden Dorado.

Strength Training for Ski Touring

Strength training is an integral part of ski training, but it’s also important to address ski-specific movements and situations. Here are some...

The Goggles Guide

The basic function of any snow goggles is to enhance your vision on the slopes by protecting your eyes from wind, snow, impact, and cold, and to...

Jim Holland

From ski jumping to pioneering online retail to outdoor adventure and battling Parkinson’s. Backcountry co-founder Jim Holland’s always up for a...

The Outbound Collective

Brian Heifferon created The Outbound Collective to empower people of all skill levels to get outside and have more fun there.

Steph Davis

Steph Davis BASE jumps regularly; the secret is learning to embrace, not avoid, the healthy fear associated with it.

How to Choose Alpine Ski Boots

Selecting a new pair of alpine ski boots can be a little overwhelming. Backcountry Gearhead Brandon Orloski, a former bootfitter, offers some...


Helping women experience inspiring and empowering outdoor adventures is what AndShesDopeToo is all about.

In the Shadow of Giants

For the adventurous trekker, there’s little to compare with the experience of trekking the valleys of the Nepalese Himalayas. Here's how you can...

Be a Climber

Trango believes that however you approach climbing—no matter the grade or discipline—you are a climber. That’s why they launched the Be A Climber...