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Winter Camping 101

Winter camping can be fun. With some planning, careful packing, and armed with some knowledge, you can combat the cold and turn your trip into an...

How to Care for Your Down Jacket

Wondering how to clean and repair your down jacket? Here are some tips on maintaining your puffy.

How To Choose An Insulated Jacket

Learn about the key differences between synthetic and down insulation, and compare different kinds of insulated jackets.

Winter Fly Fishing: 10 Things to Remember

Does fly fishing continue in the winter? It sure does. Here are some important things to remember about winter fly fishing, including tips on dry...

Choosing Alpine Touring Bindings

Learn about the different types of alpine touring bindings and which ones are right for you.

How to Choose Climbing Skins

Learn how to choose, use and care for alpine touring climbing skins.

How to Choose Ski Bindings

There are three main types of ski bindings -- alpine, AT, and telemark -- here's how to choose which ones are right for you, and how to properly...

Preseason Ski Conditioning

Most dryland ski training programs focus on the wrong kind of leg strength. Learn a simple "legblasters" routine that will get you ready for your...

How to Choose a Powder Ski

Skiing in deep snow is a lot more fun with the right ski. Learn what you need to know to choose the right profile, width, and length to get the...

How to Size a Snowboard

Choosing your snowboard length involves a mix of subjective and objective factors, including your height and weight, the type of riding you’ll be...

Serious Trips Mean Serious Bags

So you're going to do some traveling. Serious traveling. Choosing the right backpack for your journey is an important decision.

How to Choose a Stand-Up Paddleboard

Looking to get out on the water on a stand-up paddleboard? We run down your choices, looking at inflatable vs. solid boards, board features, and...