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Bouldering Essentials

Backcountry Expert Gearhead and avid climber Ben Rabinowitz breaks down the essential gear you need to get into bouldering.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike

Pick the best mountain bike for your ride style by looking at the main types of mountain bikes and what sets each apart.

Jackson On and Off the Mountain

The town of Jackson, Wyoming is a skier’s dream, a bucket list must-visit spot for any snow-chasing lover of winter. There are countless...

Skiing the Tripoint Alps: Chamonix and Beyond

Davide De Masi, a ten-year resident of Chamonix, runs through some of the high points of the Tripoint area surrounding this hot spot in the Alps.

Running the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim

Heather Laptalo's never accepted limits, so when it came to running the Grand Canyon, she figured, why settle for just rim-to-rim?

How to Choose a Surfboard

We break down surfboard selection by wave type and what board shape, style, and size will suit your ability level.

The Guide to Swimwear for Active Women

We put this year’s new suits to the test on a trip to Costa Rica, where we surfed, swam, sunned, hiked, and paddled. We were looking for suits that...

Moksha: The Movie

Moksha, a film presented by AndShesDopeToo, is about the future of Nepali women. Viewers are presented with the cultural and physical landscape of...

Five Lightweight Insulated Jackets We Love

We asked around to find out what Backcountry employess are wearing: The Patagonia Nano Air, Arc'teryx Atom LT, and The North Face Ventrix, to name...

Leaving the Resort Behind

He's been thinking and wondering about backcountry touring for years. Finally, Backcountry writer Colin Clancy took the plunge and took a clinic...

The Run of Fire and Ice

Backcountry Ambassador William Woodward documented Tom Whittle's record-breaking crossing of Iceland on foot. It wasn't easy or at all pretty, but...

Ode to the Backcountry

We asked our community to tell us about their best experiences skiing and riding in the backcountry ... in haiku. Here's what we got back.