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The Wildland Firefighters

More than two million acres of land across the US are reported as having active fires. Backcountry spoke to the men and women who are out on the...

The Ultimate Adventure Companions

Stories and tips from Backcountry employees, ambassadors, and our community on getting outside with your dogs.

Hooked on Ultrarunning

Backcountry Ambassador Tara Warren reflects on her journey from non-runner to ultrarunner and shares her trail running tips.

Get Your Grub On

Seeing how much we love dining in the great outdoors, we’ve compiled a list of kitchen essentials for car camping.

Diversifying the Outdoors, One Climb at a Time

Backcountry Ambassador Gina Danza shares her mission to make the outdoors a more diverse, welcoming space for everyone.

Expanding Bounds in Liming China

After spending two weeks exploring China, climber and photographer Irene Yee shares her tips for international travel.

Part II: The Climb

After months of preparation and training, Ali Lev reports on her truly memorable, slightly terrifying Rainier climb.

Part I: Training for Mt. Rainier (Like a Boss)

Ali Lev shares her tips on training to climb (and ski) Mount Rainier, the highest mountain in the state of Washington and one of the most iconic...

Fly Fishing 101

From casting techniques to gear recommendations, this basic overview covers everything you need to know to get hooked on fly fishing.

Summer Training Tips from Icebreaker

We met up with Icebreaker's Lisa Lethbridge, who brought us through a series of stretches, then through a quick and simple circuit that targets the...

Fit It All In: 32 Hours in Moab

Looking to make a quick escape to Moab? Pack up your crash pads and climbing shoes and prepare to set up camp. Here’s how to make it all happen.

5 Great Western Swim Spots

A few unbeatable warm weather destinations in Arizona, Idaho, and our own home state of Utah.