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Sport Climbing Essentials

Sport climbing offers all sorts of great physical and mental challenges. Here's everything you'll need to build your sport rack, from shoes to...

The Seven Need-to-Know Climbing Knots

Figure-8 Retraced, Girth Hitch, Clove Hitch, Munter Hitch, Double Fisherman’s, Prusik and Euro Death Knot.

Backpacking with Baby

The arrival of a new baby doesn't have to mean the end of outdoor adventures. Jacob Moon shares tips for getting onto the trail with an infant, and...

Do-It-All Rainwear

We asked some of them for their opinions on the best rain jackets, by region ... because everyplace experiences rain in a slightly different way.

How to Choose a Bike Rack

The right bike rack can make that process of transporting your bike painless, while the wrong one can slow things down considerably. Backcountry...

Camp Gourmet: Dutch Oven & Stovetop Favorites

If you have a full camp kitchen setup and really want to knock the socks off your fellow campers, these Dutch Oven and stovetop recipes are sure to...

A New Language

Learning to snowboard wasn't coming easy, especially when the motivation wasn't really there ... until Nicole realized that with splitboarding, she...

10 Things Every Camp Chef Needs

From a well-organized chuck box to a good cooler (or two) to a Dutch oven, here are things every aspiring outdoor chef needs to create great meals...

Bouldering Essentials

Backcountry Expert Gearhead and avid climber Ben Rabinowitz breaks down the essential gear you need to get into bouldering.

Jackson On and Off the Mountain

The town of Jackson, Wyoming is a skier’s dream, a bucket list must-visit spot for any snow-chasing lover of winter. There are countless...

Skiing the Tripoint Alps: Chamonix and Beyond

Davide De Masi, a ten-year resident of Chamonix, runs through some of the high points of the Tripoint area surrounding this hot spot in the Alps.

Running the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim

Heather Laptalo's never accepted limits, so when it came to running the Grand Canyon, she figured, why settle for just rim-to-rim?