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Backpacking Tips & Advice From A Thru-Hiker

Experienced thru-hiker, Bennett Fisher, lets us in on his tips for long distance hiking.

How To Choose Water Filters & Treatments

By bringing water filters and treatments along on your off-grid adventures, ensure you always have potable water to stay hydrated on the move.

Our Honorary Gearheads

Get to know the outdoor obsessed folks who are going to be putting our Backcountry gear to the test this spring and summer season.

Our April Roundup

Our monthly roundup of the best from the Backcountry and beyond.

The Freedom To Go Fast

We sat down with National Ability Center athlete Saylor O’Brien to chat about her favorite ski spots, her competitive goals, and her Paralympic...

Souped-Up Grilled Cheese

Athlete and chef, Lentine Alexis, with tips for the perfect grilled cheese and a new recipe.

A More Inclusive Outdoors: How You Can Help

Our advocates share four steps you can take to make the outdoors more inclusive & accessible to all.

Planning Your Summer Adventures

Read about how to plan your summer camping or backcountry trip, with a permit if necessary.

Intro To Trail Running

Learn what running shoes you should wear, what gear you’ll need to get started, and how to find the best running trails in your area.

Learning To Jump On A Mountain Bike

Learning to jump on a mountain bike gives you a valuable tool for clearing obstacles and having even more fun on the trail.

Camping With Care

This basic guide runs through low-impact practices every eco-conscious camper should know.

What To Bring On A National Parks Trip

National park pro, Renee Hahnel, shares her packing lists to make sure you're prepared for your hike, backpacking trip, car camping, or a scenic...