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Gearhead Picks: Backcountry Canyonlands Jacket

Backcountry Gearhead Ashleigh McClary is an avid hiker, and there’s one piece of gear she won’t leave home without: the Canyonlands Jacket. Find...

Ready, Set, Road Trip

We asked our Gearheads, employees, and community members to share their favorite road trip destinations, tips, tricks, and gear to inspire you to...

4 Pacific Northwest Surf Destinations

Curious about surfing in the Pacific Northwest? Here are four surf spots in the PNW that you should visit on your next surf trip.

How to Go Hiking With Dogs

If you’re planning on bringing your pup hiking, here are some tips for hiking with dogs, like finding dog-friendly trails, knowing the leash laws,...

7 Best Waterfall Hikes in the U.S.

Hiking trails with waterfalls can be found in all 50 states. Here’s your cheat sheet for the best waterfall hikes across the U.S.

How to Choose Solar Power Camping Equipment

Even the most off-the-grid adventurers rely on access to power to keep everything from phones to GPS watches running. Since the sun is the most...

Overlanding: A Beginner’s Guide

Interested in overlanding? Learn what it is, the gear you need, and other helpful information to get your tires off the pavement.

Remembering John Bresee (1966-2019)

Jim Holland celebrates the life of longtime friend and Backcountry co-founder John Bresee.

Gearhead Picks: Black Diamond Solution Harness

Looking for a climbing harness? A Backcountry Gearhead talks about why the Black Diamond Solution Harness is his favorite.

Gearhead Picks: Oru Bay ST Kayak

Folding kayaks save space and are easy to transport. Here’s why the Oru Bay ST Kayak is this Backcountry Gearhead’s favorite.

Gearhead Picks: Dakine Hot Laps 5L Hip Pack

Hip packs are ideal for short mountain bike rides. A Backcountry shares why the Dakine Hot Laps 5L Hip Pack is his favorite.

Gearhead Picks: NEMO Stargaze

A Backcountry Gearhead shares why the NEMO Stargaze Recliner Camp Chair makes any campsite more comfortable.