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June Roundup

The Latest Must-Read Stories

Life’s A Playground, And North Shore Betty Knows It

The history of mountain biking is steeped in the temperate rain forests of British Columbia, where Betty Birrell started mountain biking when she was 45. Wave sailor, mountaineer, mother, and all-around badass, she was featured in a short film by Patagonia in honor of Mother’s Day.

First All-Black Climbing Team Summits Everest

Full Circle, a Black climbing group, made history on May 11, 2022, by becoming the first all-Black team to summit Everest. Prior to this mission, only 10 Black climbers had ever reached the top, so Full Circle hopes to be an inspiration to future generations. [Adventure Journal]

Nearly-Nude New Hampshirite Sets New Record Summiting Mount Hood

Jack Kuenzle, who hails from New Hampshire, set a new round-trip record for summiting and descending Mount Hood in 90 minutes. And he did it wearing only underwear—and boots, ski, and crampons, of course. [KGW8 News]

Gearhead Tip: Looking to set your own nearly-nude ski records? Stash a change of clothing at the bottom of the run so you’re prepared to ski off without giving everyone on the mountain a free show.

Need A Female Mentor In A Male-Dominated Industry? Call Anne.

Anne Hed, who co-founded HED Wheels in 1984 with her husband, Steven, became the CEO eight years ago after his sudden death. Cycling News recently sat down with her to chat about her company, their rad gravel wheelsets, and what it’s like to be a female leader in a male-dominated industry.

Mt. Hood Skibowl Forced To Ban Mountain Bikes After Losing Lawsuit

Bad news for Oregon mountain bikers this year. After 32 years without incident, a lawsuit filed after a 2016 trail accident is forcing Mt. Hood Skibowl to temporarily suspend MTB operations. [Seattle Times]

Gearhead Take: No matter the ride, mountain biking comes with inherent risks. Look 15-20 feet ahead on the trail rather than directly in front of you, go slow around corners (especially on multi-directional trails), and always ride in control.

Registration Is Now Open For The Mammoth Trail Fest

Looking for a new ultramarathon to get your trail shoes dirty on? Consider registering for the Mammoth Trail Fest, brainchild of runner Tim Tollefson. The fest takes place on Saturday, September 24, and features a 50k loop with 8,000 feet of elevation gain and an $8,000 prize, plus a few shorter options to ensure the event is inclusive of different abilities. [irunfar]

Gear Of The Month

The only thing we love more than getting out is getting out with our best friend(s) by our side. If you’re hiking (or biking or paddling) with your dog this summer, make sure to check out our new collab with Petco. And don’t forget to brush up on your pup-specific first aid skills while you’re at it.

A New Spin On An Old Trail Favorite

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches go with hiking like pocket beers go with ski resorts. But have you tried the OG duo enveloped by pie crust? This recipe from Chef Lentine is a sweet and savory game changer. [Backcountry]