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Tying Together Your Next Fly Rod Outfit

Buyer Michael McMillan goes over the rods, reels, and lines he recommends for fly fishing.

Hydrofoiling 101

A beginner’s guide to hydrofoiling and an intro to the gear you need to wake foil and wing foil.

Interview With Queer Nature: Backcountry Trailbreakers

Building Outdoor Relationships, Experiences & Skills For The LGBTQ2S+ Community

How To Be “Pura Vida”

Slow the hustle and manage burnout at work by adapting pura vida, the national life philosophy of Costa Rica, with some tips from the Ticos & Ticas...

How To Take Care Of A Surfboard

Learn about proper surfboard care from our Gearheads and that board will stay ready to ride for years to come.

Our Top MTB Components, Shoes & Apparel Of 2022

We selected our top picks of 2022 for upgrading your steed, refreshing your MTB kit, and choosing accessories to keep you prepared for whatever the...

How To Buy Your First Wakeboard

Buying your first wakeboard? Before you buy, check our tips on what to consider when getting your first board.

Outervention: Costa Rica

Backcountry is bringing customers on a journey of a lifetime to far-flung destinations to disconnect from the hustle and grind, and reconnect with...

June Roundup

The Latest Must-Read Stories

Our May Roundup

Our monthly digest of the best stories from the backcountry and beyond.

Making Your Own Foraged Inks

Looking for a new way to get outside and be creative? Here are some tips for making your own inks out of foraged pigments.

Peanut Butter And Jelly Pocket Pies

Chef Lentine Alexis brings us an easy recipe for an upscale, and portable, take on the classic PB&J.