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4 Ways To Customize Your Bike

We’re here to help make your bike ready for vista shots, finish line snaps, and to inspire envy in cyclists and pedestrians alike. As a bonus, many aesthetic upgrades come with performance benefits, like improved aerodynamics and comfort. Here are four of our favorite ways to give our steeds a little extra pizazz.

1. Picture-Perfect Color Schemes

Did you know Kodachrome was one of the first brands to develop (pun intended) color film? Even though most of our bike glamour shots are digital, we’re still getting our steeds ready for their close-up with every color you can think of. We’re loving oil-slick bolts and tan-wall tires for subtle individuality, and you can find nearly anything in a corresponding or complementary color to your frame and other components: just filter your search by color. Our favorite components to colorize are grips, wheels, or tires. 

Gearhead Tip: When mixing and matching, exact hues can be hard to find. Don’t risk a  failed match–stick within the same brand to ensure the same color, or opt for opposite (complementary) colors.

2. Decals

Perhaps the easiest (and cheapest) update to your bike’s look, decals and frame guards are far more durable and attractive than your average bumper sticker and can even protect your frame from dings and scratches. They range from a transparent protective material that stretches the length of your top tube, to varied color options for the smallest brand logos on your shock for the discerning rider. 

3. Style & Performance

Many performance upgrades come with the added boost in style. Aerodynamic handlebars not only shave seconds but also add a contoured silhouette to your bike as it leans against that exposed brick wall at a coffee stop. Something as simple as bottle cages too can make the difference between aesthetically pleasing and simply doing its job keeping you hydrated. We like the Arundel Cage, available both in polycarbonate or carbon

4. Decorate The Unexpected

It’s the little things that really make your bike yours. For example, you might consider anodized tubeless valve stems to match other components or keep the valves your tires came with and upgrade the caps—whether to something with more flair or fun, like a tiny tiger. Your steer tube is another place to get creative whether with the cap, spacers, or all of the above—just make sure your choices go along with whatever color stem you have. 

Regardless of how you want to trick out your bike, our Gearheads have you covered.

Give them a call at 1-800-409-4502 or chat online to get their help making your bike look its best.