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5 Tips for Going from Rock to Ice Climbing

There are many similarities between rock and ice climbing … there are also many significant differences. Make sure you’re as ready as you’ll ever...

Access for All

We spoke to Madison Baumann from the National Ability Center to hear how the organization opened up the mountains for her and countless other...

How To Layer Up For Cold Skiing

Nothing spoils a day on the slopes like a chill you just can’t shake. See our top tips for dressing smart and staying warm when skiing in subzero...

Working Out to Get Out

Every exercise you see here is great prep for any number of outdoor activities, and each movement is sure to leave you feeling plenty sore.

Avalanche Rescue Gear Essentials

Check out these three steps to make sure you are prepared for your first backcountry tour of the season.

How to Have a Good Ski Day with Your Kid

Fear not. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a new one, your child is a toddler or a tween, here are a few simple principles that can help ensure...

Donate a Little, Save a Lot More Than Money

We’ve been collaborating with The Nature Conservancy since 2008 to help restore the beautiful places we play in. This year we want to give back...

A Mountain Town Escape

With three world-renowned rivers, countless hiking, biking, and running trails, exquisite restaurants, and numerous local, hand-crafted brews,...

Black Diamond’s JetForce

Carrying the necessary equipment to adeptly respond to an avalanche rescue scenario is crucial – and Black Diamond's JetForce System is tested,...

How to Choose a Touring Pack

When you're heading out into the backcountry, you need a winter pack that's built for the purpose. Here's what to look for.

How to Incorporate the Outdoors into Your Work

Pete Labore, Chief Operating Officer at Backcountry, shares his top tips for building time outside into your workday.

Chasing Peacock Bass in the Colombian Amazon

Backcountry Ambassador Ruth Sims journeyed to Colombia in search of Peacock Bass. What she found was the adventure of a lifetime.