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Our June Roundup

Dive Into The Latest Must-Read Stories

Our roundup of the best from the backcountry and beyond. 

This month’s whale-sized read: lobster diver gulped by humpback whale

Michael Packard was diving off the coast of Provincetown, MA when he felt “this huge bump and everything went dark.” Packard spent about a minute inside a whale’s mouth before being spit out, in an incredibly rare event you really do have to read to believe.

Gearhead Take: Iain Kerr, the CEO of the conservation nonprofit Ocean Alliance says that as humanity continues to push into oceans for more resources, encounters with marine life will increase. Stay aware of your surroundings, and keep your distance from wildlife.

China suspends ultra races after 21 runners died tragically in a 100k race

After inclement weather and exposure resulted in the tragic death of 21 runners in the 100k Yellow River Stone Forest race, China is temporarily banning ultra-distance races and other trail-running events as the General Administration of Sport develops safety standards.

Garmin debuts Women of Adventure children’s book

“My wish is that these stories of resilience, perseverance and strength will motivate the kids of today to become women of adventure tomorrow,” says Garmin president & CEO Cliff Pemble. The book features six stories of strong, curious women who have overcome great obstacles, encouraging kids to be brave every day.

Gearhead Take:

Want to get your kids excited about the outdoors? Here are some tips from Backcountry moms:

  • “I coax Merrick along with raisins. He will endure just about anything for one.” —Kathleen
  • “Charlie will try to do anything his older cousins do.” —Betsy
  • Always time adventures around naps. —Literally every mom in our Herd
  • “Have low expectations. The first few times we went skiing, we lasted about 10 minutes. I try not to push them too far so they want more.” —Kasey
  • “We talk about it ahead of time—’Margot, we’re going camping this weekend, isn’t that exciting?!’” —Nicole
  • “Hot chocolate & peach rings were the real heroes of our ski season. Kept Jolene stoked on the coldest days.” —Maya

Ski resort operators join forces to fight climate change

Four ski resort operators—Alterra Mountain Co., Boyne Resorts, POWDR, and Vail Resorts—have joined forces to create the Climate Collaborative Charter to combat climate change and promote sustainability in the ski industry. The charter doesn’t set specific metrics for how the companies will achieve their goals, but does help ski areas to commit to sustainable practices across their operation. 

UK runner breaks 30-year trail record

Damien Hall broke the 185-mile Wainwright’s coast-to-coast overall record, running the trail—located in North Yorkshire England—in 39 hours and 18 minutes, beating the 1991 record by 18 minutes. Hall battled sleep deprivation, boggy trail conditions, and extremely wet weather—which sounds like a walk in the park for this epic record-chaser.

Gearhead Take:

Our Herd put in nearly 10,000 trail miles in last summer’s annual company adventure contest, so we know a thing or two about trail running shoes. Need to find your perfect pair? Check out our Trail Running Guide to pick your shoes whether you’re dedicated to dirt, a long-miler and or a mixed-surface runner.

Our Summer Obsession: S’more Ways To S’more

Trail & camp food genius Lentine Alexis is back with another recipe sure to spice up your camping trip (or maybe your dessert tonight, because after you see these s’mores you’re gonna need to make them like now). Are you a s’moreo kind of person, or all about the s’mipes? We’re craving the s’minger—how about you?

OverHerd at Backcountry:

“I would go biking but the beer is here.”—Derek, our product copy manager, at the creative team outing at Woodward Park City. Wanna join our Herd? Our new stores are hiring!

On Repeat:

This Writer’s Block(party) playlist from the Backcountry writing team. 30 songs to amp up your blank page (or whatever obstacle you’re facing today).

Photography Tips & Tricks:

A Photographer’s Mission to Capture America’s Last Great Rest Stops

Photographer Ryann Ford spent her travel time to and from assignments snapping shots of America’s beautiful yet often crumbling rest stops, which she shares in her latest book, The Last Stop.

Team USA Crushes Both Boulder Finals In Salt Lake City

Sean Bailey and Natalia Grossman of Team USA took home gold at the end of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Cup hosted in Salt Lake City in late May. Bailey, 25, was one of two climbers to top out on two of the routes on finals weekend, and Grossman flashed every problem in the final round.

Dog of the Week:

Pup Wylder says what we’re all thinking: “River season … am I right?”