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5 Steps To Lotprès

Stage The Ultimate Parking Lot Party

Whether you ski greens or double blacks, anyone can be an expert at lotprès (what we call après in the parking lot). There’s nothing wrong with cold pocket burritos and those PBRs you have rolling around in your trunk, but we’ll show you how to take your lotprès game to the next level.

Step One: Take Those Boots Off!

Swap out those stiff, cold ski or snowboard boots for insulated booties—bonus points if they’re sun-warmed from sitting in your car. You’ll want them insulated and water-resistant for obvious reasons. We like the Teva Moc because we can fold down the heel for easy on and off. If it’s still dumping, we’ll reach for a more burly option like the Rossignol Après Boot. Now wiggle your toes … doesn’t that feel better?

Step Two: Layer Up

Sure, you can keep rocking your shell and bibs, but why not get comfy? Weather dependent, this is your chance to show off a fuzzy fleece pullover and beanie, or swap out the helmet for a trucker hat and sunnies. If you’re looking for something that keeps your ears warm and makes you easy to spot across the parking lot, you can’t go wrong with fun animal prints like KAVU’s Herschel Pom Beanie or the popular patterns Skida offers. And if it’s cold or windy, we toss a poncho over the outfit—like Rumpl’s Printed NanoLoft® Poncho or our Stoic Basecamp Bivy Poncho.

Step Three: Kick Back

Now that you’re kitted up, you’ll want somewhere to rest your legs after a full day of sending, so it’s time to bust out your camp seats. You can stay warm with a friend in the padded KeltyLow Loveseat Camp Chair or even bring your own side table with our Stoic Fireside Side Table Camp Chair.

If you really want to be crowned king or queen of lotprès, we recommend adding some shelter from the elements—we have a few options that even attach directly to your vehicle. And while you’re at it, toss in some adventure-resistant blankets.

Step Four: Cheers!

Time to bust out some drinks and be the après host with the literal most. For that, you’ll need a good cooler. Sure, if you’re on the edge of the lot, you can put those bad boys in the snow-plow drifts, but if you’ve got a mid-lot spot or you’ve been skiing spring corn all day, a cooler is clutch. 

Stopping by a friend’s lotprès spot? No prob—mix up a cocktail ahead of time—we recommend a mezcal mule—and show up prepared to share with the BruMate BackTap Backpack Cooler. Or bring your own koozie to keep whatever’s on offer nice and cold.

Prefer something warm? Grab an insulated tumbler to keep your hot toddy (or hot scotch!) toasty, like the YETI Rambler MagSlider Mug.

And if you’re really in it to win it, bring a shotski and you’ll be the hero of everyone in the parking lot. Pro tip: build a hinge into an old ski and make yourself one that folds in half for more portable yewwws.

Step Five: What’s Cooking?

Last, but definitely not least—food. You could just bust open a bag of chips (or unwrap that aforementioned cold burrito), but why not grill up some burgers and brats? Even better—pizza. Bring a pizza oven, sauce, cheese, and dough, then tell your friends to BYOT. 

Generally, anything you can car camp with, you can lotprès with, so don’t hesitate to bring a camp stove for grilling or boiling water for toddy refills. And don’t forget a table. They come in handy for pretty much every aspect of the parking lot party.

Expensive beers in the lodge are so 2019. The lotprès life is where it’s at and we’re never going back. You’re now equipped to party in the parking lot all night long—if they’ll let you. Make sure you bring your friends, a deck of cards, and plenty of stoke. See you out there!

Glynis Jehle is a writer at Backcountry. When she’s not skiing pow and going full lotprès, you can find her curled up with a good book.