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How to measure your actual inseam

  • One - Remove your shoes and set your feet approximately 4" - 6" apart.
  • Two - While straddling a book, measure from the top of the book to the floor, making sure to keep it level.
How to measure your actual inseam

Your actual inseam


Note: Actual inseam is not the same as your pant inseam.

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Seat Tube

The seat tube height is most important as it relates to your head tube. If your seat tube is too short, your head tube will almost certainly be too short. This results in too low of a handlebar position placing an inordinate amount of stress on your neck and back.

What to look for while shopping

Center-to-center (c-c)

Center-to-top (c-t)

Note: Manufacturers measure seat tube in either center-to-center or center-to-top measurements. Which measurements is indicated inside each bikes sizing chart.