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Functional Lifestyle Gear

Topo Designs is dedicated to producing simple, functional, high-quality backpacks and bags, made to fit your outdoors-oriented lifestyle.

Topo in the Wild

Topo bags and packs are not just good-looking—they are designed rugged for use in the outdoors.

Made in Colorado

Topo Designs was born in Colorado and all its products are made there by skilled sewers. By keeping its manufacturing local, Topo affirms its bond to its roots and to the outdoors, and enables its customers to connect with this community as well.

About Topo Designs

Topo Designs founders Mark Hansen and Jedd Rose, both Western natives, grew up camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, and hiking in the mountains. The memories of their childhoods and the enduring love of the outdoors that grew out of them fuels their present-day mission: to make simple, functional, versatile, and durable bags and clothes that enhances the outdoor experience. Highly specialized, technical gear has its place; Topo Designs’ products are there for the rest of the time.

Topo Designs was founded in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2010. Even though Topo has grown into an internationally recognized company, all the bags and apparel Topo sells are made locally in Colorado. In addition to drawing on existing resources and expertise, and boosting the local economy, Topo’s mountain-state location inspires its designs and fuels innovation. Its products are informed by the past, but creating ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’ products is not Topo’s driving goal. True, the best-selling Klettersack backpack is a good-looking bag, but it’s equally ready for the trail, stream, or street. By keeping things simple and focusing on quality materials and construction, Topo’s products offer the ultimate versatility.