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prAna’s Roots

prAna is not in the business of making clothes, it's in the business of setting the adventurous spirit free. It's design made to inspire. prAna distills trends, fit, style, and performance to satisfy basic needs, then gets out of the way so its customers can enjoy their own brand of experiences.

Stretch Zion Pants

prAna started with the desire to design the ultimate pant for climbers and outdoor adventurers—something rugged and durable, yet lightweight and flexible enough to move with you. This unique stretch fabric is also wrinkle-resistant, quick drying, and DWR-coated to repel water and spills. Stretch Zion is great for anyone from travelers to weekend warriors, businessmen to trailblazers.

Sustainable Clothing Movement

From the farm to the factory to our closets, we have an opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment. But we need your help. Start asking questions about your clothes in the same way you ask about the food you eat, and you can fundamentally change the way clothing is made.

Giving Back

prAna partners with local and international organizations dedicated to making a difference in the world. From planning local beach cleanups to providing grants that create outdoor adventures for underserved communities, prAna always looking for ways to inspire its customers to give back with the planet and its people in mind.

About Prana

prAna's roots can be traced to the most humble and authentic of origins. In 1992 Beaver Theodosakis and his wife Pam set out to create a clothing brand centered around the lifestyle they loved. They were enchanted by the simplicity and soulfulness they had found in rock climbing and yoga, so they call the company prAna—a direct reference to the Sanskrit word for breath, life, and vitality of the spirit.

The first pieces were designed and stitched in their garage in Carlsbad, California. Their designs focused on functionality and freedom of movement, creating pants, shorts, and tops that were ideal for climbing and yoga. They recycled old newspapers to create hand-made paper tags and shipped the clothing in surplus fruit boxes they collected from grocery stores. Early on, they partnered with leading athletes like rock climber Chris Sharma and master yogi Shiva Rea to collaborate on the design of clothing and forward prAna's message of health and sustainability.

To honor the meaning imbued in the name prAna, Beaver and Pam made sustainability one of the brand's core values from the beginning—always seeking to give back more than take. Despite the challenges inherent in rapid growth, prAna has continuously worked towards maintaining and adopting sustainable practices. In 2000, after attending an organic exchange conference that brought companies together with organic farmers and suppliers, they immediately switched 19 of their products to organic cotton, and today over 70 styles are made with organic cotton. In 2005, prAna launched their Natural Power Initiative and became an ambassador for wind power. They also took steps to reduce emissions in their own offices and at their retailer's stores—shedding 72,000 metric tons of greenhouse gasses, the equivalent of removing 13,000 cars from the road. Most recently, following the model of Fair Trade Certified foods, prAna has made an extensive investment to be among the first companies to bring Fair Trade Certified clothing to market.

Today, prAna creates clothing not only for rock climbers and yoga practitioners, but for anyone living a lifestyle that values health, wellness, and sustainability. In addition to providing the best yoga and climbing apparel available, prAna's line now includes jackets, button-down shirts, and denim pants that are as functional in a casual office environment as they are at the crag. They also continue to source sustainable fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester with an eye turned towards ethical production. And whether you're trying on a pair of yoga pants or a summer dress, the principles of simple functionality and freedom of movement still apply. Centered by a connection to their humble roots with a vibrant vision of the future, it's clear that prAna truly is a brand "born from the experience."