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Family Owned & Operated

When Jorgen Jorgensen’s great-grandfather created Norrøna, the brand’s priorities were design, function, and quality. Four generations later, Jorgen is proud to run the family-owned business with those ideals intact, along with the additional priorities of innovation, sustainability, and using the rugged natural areas of the brand’s homeland of Norway as inspiration and testing grounds for its products.

Welcome to Nature

From the fjords, glaciers, and forest of its homeland of Norway to the highest peaks and most remote parts of places like Alaska, Antarctica, and Patagonia, Norrøna is inspired by and committed to experiencing the natural world. The company’s vision is ‘Welcome to Nature’ and its mission is to make the greatest outdoor products utilizing its design philosophy of Loaded Minimalism.


Norrøna names its collection concepts after regions and landmarks across Europe. For instance, the brand’s Trollveggen concept collection of climbing and mountaineering gear is named after the famous “Troll Wall,” which was first climbed in 1965. This is more than just arbitrary naming or advertising strategy; each concept is designed, built, and tested with specific purpose in mind relevant to the place after which it is named.

Backcountry Exclusive

For decades Norrøna has been one of Europe’s leading and most respected outdoor gear, apparel, and outerwear brands. Backcountry is proud to bring that legendary Norrøna style and quality to the United States as the exclusive US retailer of Norrøna products.


The beautiful peak of Falketind is located in the western Jotunheimen range. It looks inaccessible, surrounded as it is by fall-away cliffs and deep glacial crevasses. Still the mountain and its surroundings offers great nature experiences in every season for multiple activities, and it is this flexibility that describes our falketind products; flexible, technical and super light. Whether you prefer hiking, bouldering or challenging summit climbs, falketind products are made for all challenges nature has to offer regardless of weather all year around.


As a gateway to Jotunheimen National Park, the majestic bitihorn has gained symbolic status in the Norwegian outdoors. The peak rises 1607 meters over sea level, providing climbers an indescribable view of famous neighbours such as Rasletind, Falketind and Torfinnstindene. Norrøna’s bitihorn collection is specially made for day hikes and cross-country running. This series of highly technical products are designed to protect you against the changeable weather patterns of spring, summer, and autumn wihtout compromising on the breathability and weight.

About Norrøna

Norrøna’s Norwegian heritage is steeped in creating quality products that are designed for function and suited for outdoor adventure. Function and quality are guiding principles that Norrøna continues to pursue today. Backcountry is proud to be the exclusive US online retailer of Norrøna products.

In 1929, a Norwegian outdoor enthusiast named Jørgen Jørgensen set out to create equipment that would perform in the harsh Scandinavian climate. He called the company Norrøna, and with the help of two craftsmen he began making the highest quality outdoor products possible. Production was initially focused on packs and tents, and was soon expanded to include sleeping bags and clothing.

Norrøna continued to grow and in 1970 they coupled their existing commitment to quality with a refreshed focus on developing new technologies and products. This brought about innovations like padded hip-belts on packs, the first tunnel tent, and windproof cotton anoraks. In 1977 Norrøna became the first European company to produce a Gore-Tex Jacket. Norrøna’s products were sought out by some of the world’s foremost adventurers and by the late ‘80s Norrøna jackets, pants, and equipment had been used to reach the summit of Everest, scale the Great Trango Tower, and reach both the North and South Poles.

In 1995 Norrøna designed their first ski jackets and pants, and by ‘98 the ski line included Gore-Tex outerwear as well as Polartec fleece jackets. To both articulate and define its commitment to quality, function, and innovative design, Norrøna coined the term Loaded Minimalism in 2002. As a design principle, Loaded Minimalism embraces clean, sleek looks while still incorporating function-driven features and the quality required to perform in the most challenging weather conditions. When Norrøna launched the Lofoten concept in 2004—a collection of jackets, pants, and insulation pieces designed specifically for freeride skiing—it was clear that Norrøna designers had fully embraced the idea of Loaded Minimalism.

Today, Norrøna is still run by the Jørgensen family and based in Norway. They continue to offer functional designs in their signature palette of bright colors for men, women, and kids who seek the highest quality in outdoor clothing. Norrøna’s line includes not only jackets and pants for skiing and mountaineering, but insulation pieces, gloves, shorts, and even apparel for mountain biking—categorizing concepts with names like Lofoten for backcountry skiing, Bitihorn for trekking, Trollveggen for mountain workwear, and /29 for its urban lifestyle apparel. But whatever use you’re putting your Norrøna products to or wherever you’re putting them to the test, you can count on finding smart design and impressive durability, spiced with a dash of eye-catching European style.