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How to Choose a Belay Device

Selecting the most appropriate belay device is one of easiest and most important ways to climb safely.

How to Transition to Ultralight Backpacking

The shift to ultralight backpacking requires examining your gear and changing your mindset.

Health Benefits of Hiking

Hiking gives you access to nature plus a workout that benefits both your body and mind. Here’s an overview of the physical and mental health...

Don’t Miss These Ice Climbing Festivals

Ice climbing festivals around the country will help you boost your skills and meet new partners.

Fire Pit Cooking

Fire pit cooking is often the best way to prepare a meal while camping. It all starts with the essential camp cooking gear, like a Dutch oven and...


Get the details on Backcountry’s first ever pop-up shop in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, open this winter.

Meet the Wander Women Collective

The Wander Women Collective brings people together through the arts and the outdoors. Here’s a look at their three-part video series.

Backcountry Adventure Sponsorship: Victor Chilson

Find out how one Backcountry employee took on the Grand Traverse Mountain Run in Crested Butte with the help of the company’s new adventure prize.

Backcountry Adopts Two Trails in Utah

This summer, Backcountry adopted two trails in Utah’s Cottonwood Canyons. Here’s how we helped maintain Lake Blanche and Red Pine Lake trails.

Utah Open Lands

Here’s a look inside Utah Open Lands, which works to protect land for current and future generations.

Gearhead Adventures: Skiing Denali

Backcountry Gearhead Mikell Bova set out to climb Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, and ski from the summit. This is his account.

9 Adventure Stories From Stoke Series Live

Discover 9 stories of adventure told on the Stoke Series Live stage about breaking down barriers between humans and nature.