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The Flip Side – Volume 6

Stories to Keep You Outdoor-Inspired in Our New Normal

The 2 Bike Shops Still Open in Brooklyn

With bike shops deemed an essential service in New York, Brooklyn mechanics are seeing high demand from fitness riders, as well as essential workers who rely on their rides to get to work. A bike shop owner reveals how things have changed during quarantine, from curbside tune-ups to virtual bike mechanic services, plus offers tips for all the cyclists still out there right now. [Bicycling]. (Photo Credit:  Bryan Banducci @bryanbanducci www.bryanbanducci.com )

Dreaming of Big Rides? Watch This.

When adventure calls, freerider Hannah Bergemann answers. With a week’s notice, she hightailed it to the Himalaya to send uncharted lines for a new Teton Gravity Research MTB film. TGR just released her athlete edit, with gorgeous shots of northern India and sweeping descents. Stay tuned for the official release date of Accomplice, featuring Hannah and over a dozen other riders in British Columbia, Crested Butte, CO, and more ride destinations. [TGR]


Fresh Rides for Frontline Workers

Specialized is donating 500 bikes to essential workers to help them get to and from work. Applications are now closed, but you can help even more workers get the wheels they need; consider donating a ride to Transportation Alternatives, the partner Specialized worked with on this initiative. [Specialized]

Could Canines Sniff Out COVID-19?

Dogs already have the capability to nasally detect Parkinson’s, certain types of cancer, and malaria. But soon, their noses could also identify the coronavirus. A UK organization called Medical Detection Dogs has announced its working on training pups to perceive the new virus. [Good News Network


Quarantine Has Made Us Slightly More Fit

A recent survey of over 24,000 Americans found that our new normal includes a touch more fitness. About a quarter of quarantine exercisers are following workout videos, and the most popular ways to move include bodyweight exercises, indoor cycling, running on the treadmill, and yoga. Fitness app downloads and use are also on the rise. [Pipslay]

What Stress in the Alpine Can Teach Us Right Now

Dire circumstances strike all the time en route to elusive summits, which is why alpinists tend to be calm under pressure. To help the less coolheaded among us, the American Mountain Guides Association and NOLS Wilderness have created a guide for staying resilient during the pandemic, from how to stay safe to what you can do to feel empowered and hopeful. [AMGA]\


A Star-Studded Cast in Antarctica

Just before you-know-what struck, four legendary mountaineers set their sights on Antarctica. Escape with the quest of Conrad Anker, Hilaree Nelson, Jimmy Chin, and Jim Morrison to scale two peaks in the frozen deep south. Find out how climbing there has been impacted by climate change since the ‘90s and why the group’s motto became, “Live to ski another day.” [The North Face]

You’ve Helped Us Raise Over $77,000 for Masks!

Thanks to you, we’ve raised over $83,000 to directly fund the manufacturing and shipment of masks to homeless shelters and frontline workers in both New York City and Salt Lake City. You can help us send even more masks with a donation for as little as $5, or by ordering our limited edition “Wasatch to the Hudson” t-shirt. Let’s reduce the spread together so we can adventure sooner. 

We’ve Been Hitting the Hooch Hard

Are we drinking our pandemic sorrows, après-ing our neighborhood adventures hard, or just reaching new heights of boredom? However you interpret the data, booze sales have been up by as much as a quarter per week, with wine and liquor leading the charge. And it’s not just TP we’ve been hoarding—sales of 3-liter boxed wine are up 82%. [Business Insider]