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The Flip Side – Volume 5

A Weekly Roundup to Keep You Outdoor-Inspired

Highlights From the Backyard Ultramarathon

Recently, 2,400 runners from 56 nations competed in a virtual ultramarathon. The rules? Run at least 4.167 miles/hour on a treadmill or in the neighborhood. The winner? The last one still jogging on Zoom. Elite runners like Courtney Dauwalter competed alongside newbies like a 13-year-old boy who ran his first-ever 100 miler. While the crowd favorite was unequivocally #Livingroomguy, who literally ran laps around his couch for 20 hours, the winner was Mike Wardian, racking up 262.52 miles in 63 hours.  (Trail Runner)

Endangered Sea Turtles Get Some R&R

Every year, female sea turtles return to the same beach where they were born to dig a nest and lay eggs. At one beach in Odisha, India, spectators have historically disturbed the nesting process, forcing the endangered Olive Ridley turtles to nest at night and battle crowds. But with everyone on lockdown, 70,000 sea turtles got to nest in peace and quiet during the day this year. [Live Kindly]

Three Climbers Rescued in One Week

Search & rescue teams out West have been busy. They airlifted a San Diego man out of a crag after he broke his ankle on a 20-ft. fall. Several days later, a Utah man and Park City ski patroller met his end after falling 15 feet climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon as first responders attempted a rescue. The next day, a stranded free soloist had to be extracted from the second Flatiron in Boulder. To all the climbers out there, be careful and consider Black Diamond’s sage advice: “Live Now, Climb Later.” 

Seeds so Hot Right Now

Seed suppliers and nurseries in Australia and New Zealand are scrambling to meet demand that’s 10 times higher than usual. Retailers say they don’t suspect people are hoarding seeds, but rather have a newfound interest in gardening driven by the desire to get outside, increase food security, and relieve boredom. Gardening has also been booming across the U.S., in states like California and Montana. [The Guardian]

The Jane Fonda Workout is Back

Grab your leg warmers! The eighty-two-year-old actress, fitness star, and activist Jane Fonda recently launched her TikTok account by announcing she was “bringing back the Jane Fonda workout.” While she quickly pivoted with a plea to “work out with me for the planet,” the post sparked a resurgence of interest in at-home workouts à la the ‘80s, like this 1988 classic you can do with a couple of hand weights and some vintage Nikes. [@janefonda]

A Photographer Captures the Great Indoors

What does an outdoor photographer shoot during quarantine? Kristen Nelson has been staging outdoor adventures with everyday objects inside her apartment. From rappelling down a Grilled Cheese Canyon to hiking Iron Dome, her series “The Mini Outdoors” is worth checking out. [Backcountry Stories]

97 Wildlife Refuges to Become Oxymorons

The Trump administration has announced plans to open 2.3 million acres within national wildlife refuges to hunting. Alligators in the south, mountain lions in Arizona, migratory birds in Oregon—it’s all fair game. In an apparent reference to the malaise of the times, Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt said that the move gives hunters “something significant to look forward to in the fall.” Some have praised the move, while others have pointed out that the point of refuges is to protect wild animals. The proposal is now open to public comment. [KATU 2 News]

It’s Birdwatching Season in Your Backyard

If you can’t go on an adventure, live vicariously through the millions of migratory birds currently en route from below the equator to North America. If you live near wetlands or a forest, grab the binoculars and head out for a tranquil dawn patrol of avian territory. You can even birdwatch from an urban backyard or balcony. Download an app like Merlin Bird ID or eBird to help with IDs and step into the shoes of a citizen scientist. [DCist]