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The Flip Side: Volume 15

Photo Credit: Damon Joyce

Coronavirus Found in Yosemite Sewage


Until now, Yosemite has remained safe from COVID-19 contamination, but recent examinations of sewage samples show that dozens of visitors and park staff might be infected. Currently, no staff and residents have tested positive, and no visitors have reported sickness since the park began a phased opening on June 11. While we wouldn’t say avoid Yosemite—it’s following local and state regulations to reduce transmission—stories like this remind us that the danger is far from over. [CBS]


Revelstoke Skiers Lead a Fight for Food Security

The community of Revelstoke in Southern British Columbia is feeling acute pressure from limited food sources, relying on tourism for much of its income and supply needs. But a small group of skiers and environmentalists within the town are working to bolster its food resilience by practicing permaculture and home farms. Check out the work they’ve done, which includes importing 300 yards of topsoil to help neighbors start gardens and launching a community farm. [Powder Magazine]

John Lewis’s Environmental Legacy

The late senator John Lewis was well known for his work as a civil rights activist, but his record also extends to environmentalism. Lewis was well aware of the interconnectedness between poverty, the environment, and civil rights. He was a champion of the EPA and fought to strengthen the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts. Read up on how his work on civil rights influenced his environmental record and vice-versa. [Forbes]

A Bike Touring Primer


Bike touring has risen in popularity in an era of social distancing and athletics. But unlike a car camping trip to a local state park, you’ll want to put a little more planning into your bike trip. This quick read is a great starting guide to bike touring, and includes a road-ready recipe to take on your next excursion. [The Growler]