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The Flip Side: Volume 10

The Dawn of Full-Face Helmet Season

When will downhill mountain bike parks open this year—if they open at all? The latest inventory of bike park opening dates shows a handful beginning to open this month, with more slated to start spinning lifts in mid-June. By and large, though, most parks still say a hard date for reopening is TBD. [MTB Parks]



 New Strong Contender for a Darwin Award Emerges

If you’re going to trespass into a national park that’s closed due to the pandemic, you should probably be discrete about it. Before Yellowstone began to partially reopen last week, a woman illegally entered, and, while attempting to snap photos, tumbled into a hot spring. After suffering serious burns, she managed to drive some 50 miles before rangers pulled her over and called in a medevac. [NBC]

Kiwis to Ski After All

New Zealand has announced that its ski resorts can open as long as recommended physical distancing is abided. The Pacific nation (which beat the ‘rona in record time) typically sees resorts open in mid to late-June, but don’t get your hopes up for a winter revival yet—the prime minister says it will be a “long time” before she reopens borders to travel. [TVNZ]



Streaming Soon: The Stonehenge Solstice

Every June, pagans, the pagan-curious, and sun-lovers travel to Stonehenge to watch the summer solstice sunrise. With the 5,000-year-old monument currently closed, the caretaker organization will be livestreaming the sunrise so everyone can watch. Tune in to the @EnglishHeritage social channels on June 21 at 4:52am British Summer Time, which falls between 8:52pm and 11:52pm in the continental U.S. [Travel + Leisure

The Great American Bike Shortage

Thinking about buying a bicycle? You and everyone else in America! With renewed interest in riding and shortages due to the U.S.-China trade war and the pandemic, demand is leaving supply in the dust. Why now? More people are turning to two wheels both for commuting (especially as city streets close to cars) and exercise. [NY Times]



One Alaskan’s Weekly Voyage to Costco

In the coastal Alaskan town of Gustavus bordering Glacier Bay National Park, there’s only one place to get groceries: Icy Strait Wholesale, owned by local Toshua Parker. Since shipping to Gustavus temporarily ceased due to the pandemic, Parker has become an essential worker extraordinaire, sailing 50 miles to the nearest Costco in a converted military boat roughly every week. [CNN]

How to Be Campground Chic

Cute at the campground? Yes, you can, says one fashion writer! Jumpsuits, exercise dresses, vintage flannels, and fleece pullovers are all in when you’re outdoors right now. Blend in with desert and dirt in earth tones, and don’t skip 2020’s hottest accessory: a bandana (doubles as a facemask). [Harper’s Bazaar]



Bike, Run & Climb Mindfully

The meditation app Headspace has set its June intentions around mindfulness as a means to achieve fitness goals. Used by British Olympians, the NBA, and U.S. Soccer alike, Headspace has curated a series of meditations to complement physical training, with specific offerings for cyclists, runners, and hikers. Best of all, the app is free right now for the unemployed, healthcare workers, and teachers. [Headspace]

Could Liquid Climbing Chalk Stem the Spread?

Some climbers have begun to wonder whether turning to liquid chalk, which is made with isopropyl alcohol, could help stymie the spread of germs in climbing gyms as they begin to reopen. But with an alcohol content that’s 20-40% below recommended levels, experts say that’s unlikely. That said, liquid chalk could still be a better alternative to the dry stuff since it’s less likely to travel through the air after application. [Gym Climber]



Herd of Goats Storms the Suburbs

After breaking through a fence, dozens of goats ran free through a suburban neighborhood in San Jose, California, as residents attempted to shoo them away from their flowers. The man responsible for the goats turned his viral video of the great goat escape into an opportunity to raise nearly $6,000 for hunger relief. [@zach_roelands]