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5 Skills From the Outdoors That Help You Tackle the Times

by Inspired Summit Adventures

Are adventurers uniquely prepared to weather these challenging times? Our friends at Inspired Summit Adventures think so! As a year-round backcountry guide service based in Park City, Utah, Inspired Summit knows a thing or two about what it takes to be an adventurer and deal with life-threatening challenges. Here are 5 traits they see in outdoor enthusiasts that may make them more prepared to deal with our ever-changing situation.

1. Planning

Adventures take a great deal of forethought, so those who embark on them have plenty of experience planning ahead. Use this skill to make grocery lists before heading out, or map out a weekly schedule so you can stay on track throughout this routine change. You could even create an ongoing shopping and to-do list and keep it somewhere in your living space that invites you to add to it and check things off when completed.

2. Organization

Whether you’ve logged many miles living out of a backpack or have rocked the #vanlife, you’re probably used to forays into a world where space is at a premium. Use these minimalist skills to organize your living space. Clean out your closets and cabinets—maybe even brave the junk drawer—and while you’re decluttering your home, you might find you’re simultaneously decluttering your mind.

3. Creativity

 Off-the-grid problems require ingenuity and resourcefulness, so you’re probably a pretty creative person, even if not in the traditional sense of the term. If you’re spending a lot of time at home right now, painting, photography, writing, rearranging furniture, or anything else you can think of is on the table—and you have all the time you need to start imagining and creating without limit.

4. Perseverance

Challenges inspire us to dig deeper and work together. While we normally seek this in our adventures, right now, the challenge has come to us. Thanks to our experience adapting to changing conditions in the backcountry, we can embrace the challenge and become explorers searching for new solutions. Be patient and willing to sacrifice some comforts for the good of the greater community, just like you’ve made decisions in the best interest of the group on adventures.

5. Culinary Expertise

We love food, so we’d argue cooking is the most important skill on this list! Getting into the backcountry usually means your cooking options are limited in terms of both tools and ingredients—why not take that resourceful nature into a fully stocked kitchen for once? Whether you’re making grocery lists with your planning skills, trying to clean out the pantry with your organization skills, working around sold-out ingredients with your creativity, or persevering through a couple failed attempts to nail a recipe—it really all comes down to food.


Inspired Summit Adventures is a guide service based out of Park City, Utah. Winter, summer, and all times in between—they are out there getting people into the backcountry. Learn more at inspiredsummit.com or follow along @inspiredsummitadventures