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Packing For Paddling

Essentials and extras for a day spent paddling a kayak, SUP, raft, or other boat.

A Beginner’s Guide To Canoeing

These 7 tips for canoeing will help you choose a destination, be prepared for the elements, and enjoy nature from your canoe.

Making The Most Of A Day At The Lake

Craft your ideal lake day with these suggestions in mind. From waterskiing to sunbathing, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Packing for a Multi-Day Kayaking Trip

A multi-day kayak trip on open water requires a considerable amount of gear and supplies; here's a checklist of what you need to make sure to bring.

How To Choose Water Filters & Treatments

By bringing water filters and treatments along on your off-grid adventures, ensure you always have potable water to stay hydrated on the move.

10 Adventure & Nature Movies Streaming Right Now

Even if you can’t go on an outdoor adventure right now, you can at least binge-watch one at home. Here are a few of the best nature and adventure...

5 Ways to Keep the Spirit of Adventure Going

Whether you’re social distancing or just stuck inside waiting for conditions to change, here are some ways to keep the spirit of adventure going...

How to Score a River Trip Permit

Have a river trip in mind but overwhelmed by the permit process? Here’s what you need to know about river trip permits and lotteries.

How to Choose a PFD

Shopping for a new PFD? Ashley Peel from NRS breaks down how to choose the right life jacket for paddling and debunks a popular PFD myth.

10 Ways You Can Protect the Ocean

Here are 10 ways you can help protect the ocean, wherever you live.