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Our November Roundup

Dive Into The Latest Must-Read Stories

Our roundup of the best from the backcountry and beyond.

Janja Garnbret Becomes First Woman To Onsight 8c (5.14b)

Shortly after claiming the world’s first women’s gold medal in sport climbing and bouldering, Slovenian-born Janja Garnbret proved to the world that her gym prowess translates to rock. On November 1, the 22-year old onsighted Spain’s Fish Eye (8c) and then two days later, sent American Hustle (8c), cementing her place in climbing history. [Explorersweb]


Gearhead Take: As a workforce packed with climbers of all skill levels, we give a round of chalky applause to Janja’s groundbreaking accomplishment, and can’t wait to see what she’ll send next.


New Framework On Transgender Athletes For The Games

After two years, and a consultation process with more than 250 athletes, the committee behind the Games concluded that no athlete should be excluded from competing based on advantages due to their gender. However, the framework is just that … a framework. It holds no legal power and leaves the final decision to each sporting authority on whether an athlete is disproportionately advantaged. [whdh]


Subaru’s Pledge To Plant 1 Million Trees

Smoke-filled skies were a staple of the west this summer due to neverending wildfires burning through California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho with California losing nearly 2.5 million acres of forests alone. To help with reforestation efforts Subaru retailers from the same states have stepped up and pledged to plant one million trees in partnership with the National Forest Foundation in wildfire-impacted areas by 2022. [Yahoo]

Red Bull Rampage Top 7

We sent a team of Gearheads to Virgin, Utah for the world’s biggest and sendiest freeride mountain biking event. From the Canadians who dominated to the humans of Rampage and evolving culture of the event, see our top 7 highlights. [Backcountry]

Cocktail Of The Month: Cranberry Margarita

While everyone’s busy digging into their favorite cranberry sauce, you can sit back and enjoy your Cranberry Margarita—the newest creation by our favorite backcountry chef and mixologist, Lentine Alexis. Get her recipe (and some history) and start sipping. [Backcountry]

The Gaper’s Gap: A Thing Of The Past

For too long, the connection point between the top of our goggles and bottom of our helmet has worried our minds mid-send. At last, Smith has taken strides to innovate the age-old tech, and once and for all banish the evil gaper’s gap by introducing made-to-fit, 3D-printed goggles. Just download their app, scan your face, and within two weeks, you’ll have I/O MAG, gap-free goggles crafted specifically for you. [Gear Patrol]


Gearhead Take: Smith’s 3D-printed goggle could be a sneak peek into the future of wearable gear. Imagine: 3D-printed, personalized ski boots, snowboards, helmets—the possibilities are endless!


Everglades Evade The Drill

When most think of national parks, Florida’s Everglades rarely come to mind first, but what the 1.5 million-acre wetland lacks in mountains, it makes up for in sublime diversity of animal and plant life. That’s why environmentalists were stoked when earlier this month, state environmental regulators sent oil prospectors hiking, denying their request to drill on the delicate land. [WUSF]


Bear The Dog Saves 100 Koalas

Everyone likes dogs, koalas, and heroes, which is why everyone is currently in love with Bear, the hero dog who saved dozens of koalas from Australia’s bushfires last year. Recently, Bear was recognized for his valiant efforts with a gold medal (and hopefully some treats!) from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. [Newsweek


What We’re Streaming: Dear Rider

Jake Burton transformed his childhood hobby into a global phenomenon. Simply put, snowboarding would not be the sport today without his influence. Dear Rider just dropped last week and is more than worth the watch. Ride on Jake! [HBO]


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