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Our December Roundup

Our monthly roundup of the best from the backcountry and beyond.

NPS Incorporates Native Knowledge

“It’s important to be able to work with Native folks on traditional ecological knowledge … so that we’re conserving [these spaces] based on 10,000+ years of management,” says Charles Sams II, the first Native Director of the National Park Service. [CBS News]

Gearhead Take:

Amplifying Native voices is as important in conservation as it is in recreation. See how our Trailbreakers Cali & Jaylyn work to help Native women feel at home in the outdoors through their nonprofit Native Women’s Wilderness.

Scenic & Speedy

The Kancamagus Scenic Byway has long been one of New Hampshire’s attractions, and now,  nearby Loon Mountain Resort is adding an attraction of its own. The Kancamagus 8 is the most modern chairlift in the world—moving up to eight skiers & riders up the mountain at 18ft per second. That’s freaking fast. [Snocountry]

Evolving A New Kind Of Coral

Scientists are making corals that can tolerate rising ocean temperatures. Through selective breeding, acclimation through exposure to heat, and modifying the algae that gives the coral nutrients, these modified corals will hopefully avoid bleaching when faced with warmer water. [AP News]

Virginia Is For (Outdoor) Lovers

The Virginia Governor included almost 245 million dollars for outdoor recreation in his two-year budget proposal, benefitting the “41 state parks and more than 450 miles of recreational paths,” across the state. [Wric]

More Recycling Is Always Better

You can recycle cans, jokes, gifts, and now … ski boots? Yup, Tecnica will take your used boots and turn them into new ski boots, skis, and other goods. They’re even attempting to get them from drop off to recycling facility sustainably. [Outside]

Save The Planet, Get Rewarded

Our friends at Patagonia just landed the Award For Corporate Excellence from the Department of State For Climate Innovation for working toward salmon farming bans and turning fishing nets into hat brims, as well as recycling gear through their Worn Wear program. [Inside Outdoor]

Gearhead Tip:

Did you know we have a large selection of responsible products from Patagonia and many more eco-friendly brands? From Bluesign & B-Corp to recycled & responsibly sourced materials, check out our more sustainable offerings.

Sugar, Spice & Something Nice (It’s Booze)

Our cocktail of the month is Lentine Alexis’ Whipped Vanilla Cider. Our go-to chef/athlete has another hit on her hands—and this time it’s a drink that will warm your body and your soul. [Backcountry]

OverHERD at Backcountry:

“I can meet, I’m just on the traverse right now,” Graphic Designer Cat joins a Zoom meeting while skiing in the Cottonwoods.

What We’re Watching: 14 Peaks

Follow the self-named “Usain Bolt of peaks” on his journey to complete Project Possible: summiting the world’s highest 14 peaks in seven months. [Netflix]

Dog Of The Week:


“Rio may have a hat, but I got the sleeping bag.” —Benny