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Ode to the Backcountry

Why We Love the Backcountry, In Haiku

To celebrate our limited release of the Dynafit Hoji touring boot, we invited our Instagram followers to write a haiku—a three line poem in which the first and last lines have five syllables and the middle has seven—about a particularly #GOATworthy ski touring experience. We received hundreds of replies of varying types, all equally GOATworthy.

And because there were so many epic entries, we decided to compile and share some of our favorites! From relatable, to funny, to downright poetic, each tells its own touring story. Oh, and as promised, we also chose a winner, with great difficulty. To be honest, it was so hard, we gave up and used a random number generator. You can find his haiku at the end of this list. Enjoy!

photo by @d_leav

Some entries made us think about own favorite touring memories …

Deep in the Wasatch / Bonkers on a powder day / Hike, ski, snack, repeat   (@heg3)

Early season crust / And waist deep corn lily stalks / Fun isn’t tied to snow   (@big.spicy)

My first tour, inbounds / At Snow King in Jackson Hole / Still felt like freedom   (@fieldsf)

Ski uphill you say? / Why would I want to do that? / Oh! now I get it!   (@that_j_man)

Fourth annual yurt trip / Thin ice on rushing river / Will be back for more   (noahsinger)

A day so perfect / Not even discovering / Frostbite ruined it   (@caitlingaylord)

Tour up to a hut / God bless the Tenth Mountain men / Free refills for all   (@ktgreeny)

photos by @wildmidwife, @ian block, @hankc

Some got us laughing, and reminded us that Type 2 fun is often part of the fun of ski touring.

Feet have been shredded / Hanging out in crevasses / Pass me the whiskey  (@tsul123)

On Mount Washington / Binding broke at the summit / One leg is great fun   (@chrismseely)

It’s pouring rain here / These skins probably need glue / Duct tape will make do   (@diamondeyejack)

Off we go / Brand new bibs, and ten below / Have to pee, uh oh   (@wutangklands)

First time in tech boots / Mt. Stuart, Ulrich’s couloir / Death, taxes (blisters!)   (@jonathan.callans)

I buy the best gear / Will this make me faster uphill? / No, you are still fat   (@jballant)

Tenth mountain hut skin / Breaking trail into the night / Toes never the same   (@hankc)

To the top we go / But first we battle shwack / Drunk on rageahol   (@dannycbryson)

Beautiful Sunrise / Why oh why am I employed / Duh, to buy my gear   (@conboschert)

Up Tuckerman’s on / Recreational snowshoes / Bad ideas are bad   (@vittorio_ricci)

There goes my new ski / Careening down the steep slope. / Worst at transitions    (@abrennalinerush)

Fresh lines on a Tour! / Skins ripped, just powder ahead / … G*d damnit, walk mode    (@and_lane)

photo by @tsul123

And no matter the sentiment, every single one made us want to get out on the skin track.

Freshly painted peaks / Seeking the perfect canvas / Art in the journey   (@wolanskyr)

When you’re last up top / Speedy transfers are a must / Hoji’s I will trust   (@phildance)

Bridal Veil, they said / Not today, the ice fall said / Skins back on, I said   (@icstrug)

A dawn-lit ascent / Vows exchanged at the summit / Nature the witness*
*the bride wore @dynafit boots—in blue of course (@putnick7)

My fam taught me both / How to love and how to ski / Now I love skiing (@iankblock)

Pounding heart, breathe deep / Silent flakes fall while they sleep / Downhill bliss chest-deep   (@d_leav)

Hear nature call me / Awaken, skin up and climb / Those first turns are mine   (@wildmidwife)

And the winner of a pair of exclusive Dynafit Hoji boots:

It’s worth it, they said / suffer, slip, swear, summit, ski / It’s worth it, I said (@travelling_sailsman)


Thanks to everyone who submitted a haiku! Keep adventuring, and don’t forget to share your best moments in the outdoors with the hashtag #GOATworthy!

photo by @jonathan.callans

Banner photo by @dannycbryson




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