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Gearhead Picks: Oru Bay ST Kayak

Emily Jenson’s Favorite Folding Kayak

Whether you’re low on storage space or simply want a kayak that you can easily transport, a folding kayak is a great option. On this episode of Gearhead Picks, Backcountry Gearhead Emily Jenson talks to you about her favorite folding kayak: the Oru Kayak Bay ST Kayak. Watch to learn about the features that set the Bay ST apart from other folding kayaks on the market. After all, it’s a Gearhead Pick for a reason!

Hi! Welcome to Gearhead Picks.  I’m Emily, a Backcountry Gearhead. Today I’m super excited to talk to you about the Oru Bay ST Kayak.  There are a lot of things to love about this kayak, so let’s dive in.

The Bay ST Kayak is incredibly light weight. At 28lbs this kayak is easy to transport and has an optional backpack that allows you to carry it to high alpine lakes. Another benefit of the lack of weight is the speed of this kayak when it’s on the water.  Without the added weight you’ll have to work less and you’ll get around faster. Which makes kayaking way more fun.  

With its double wall polypro construction the Bay ST can handle some pretty severe encounters with rocks. Trust me, I’ve tested that before. The key to set and break down is sticking to the process and don’t be afraid to use a little muscle. It takes roughly 15 minutes to pack and unpack the kayak. Initially it may feel overwhelming, but once you’ve done it (trust me) it just becomes a breeze. 

Oru spent a lot of time and effort in the design on this boat.  However, don’t think they forgot about aesthetics. This is an incredibly elegant piece of gear that makes it easy to photograph and share with your friends. An added bonus is the material lights up well so you can photograph it at night.

Thanks for watching Gearhead Picks! Have questions about the Oru Kayaks Bay ST Kayak or looking to pick up paddling this summer? Reach out to our Gearheads or contact Emily directly at ejenson@backcountry.com.