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Gearhead Picks: Chaco ZX/2 Classic Sandal

Hailey Terry's Favorite Adventure Sandal

Looking for the perfect adventure sandal? On this episode of Gearhead Picks, Backcountry Gearhead Hailey Terry talks about her favorite summer go-to sandal: the Women’s Chaco ZX/2 Classic sandal.

Hey, I’m Hailey, a Backcountry Gearhead! I’m going to talk to you today about my favorite summer sandals: the Chaco ZX/2 ClassicI wear them on the river, on non-technical hikes, and around town. These Chacos are comfortable, supportive, and come in tons of different colors.

Even when these sandals get wet, the textured footbed keeps your feet from sliding around. Chaco’s pull-through buckle and signature Z strap give them a secure, customized fit and way more midfoot support than you’d expect from a sandal. 

I really appreciate the durable, grippy sole when I’m walking on slick surfaces like dirt hiking trails or in water. The sole really sets these apart from other casual sandals!

And you don’t need to worry about funky odors with these sandals—the footbed has an antimicrobial treatment that helps you stay fresh during extended wear. The cushioned midsole is also perfect for all-day walking!

As far as sizing goes, I find the ZX/2s to be true to size. I’m normally a size 8 and that’s what I wear in these, too.

Thanks for checking out Gearhead Picks! If you have questions about the Chaco ZX/2 Classic or just need a bit of help finding the perfect sandal for you, reach out to our Gearheads or contact Hailey directly.