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February Roundup

Our newest/monthly roundup of the best from the backcountry and beyond.

February 2022

2022 Couloir Royalty Picks Are Here

No popularity contest here, only skill. Kings & Queens of Corbet’s is a ski & snowboard freeride invitational that takes place every winter at Jackson Hole, and the 2022 royalty picks have been announced. Snowboarder Hans Mindich and skier Piper Kunst claimed $10,000 as the top performers in their category. [Unofficial Networks]

First-Ever Jamaican Skier Landed Spot In The Games

Nearly 100 years since alpine skiing was added to the Winter Games, Jamaica has joined the send! Benjamin Alexander has only been skiing for a few years, but through sheer grit and an intense love for the sport, he qualified for the 2022 Games in Giant Slalom. Did you catch his race? [Teton Gravity Research]

Black Ski Camaraderie Remains Strong

In 1973, Ben Finley of Harlem, NY, decided to organize the National Brotherhood of Skiers as a way to get more Black Americans out on the mountain. What began as 350 members has since grown to about 5,000, all part of 54 independent ski clubs aiming to diversify the industry. They’ll celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2023. [Park Record]

Gearhead Take: Interested in how you can help create a more inclusive outdoors? Our Backcountry Trailbreakers offer four simple steps everyone can take.

Last Skier Standing 

How long can you ski for? If you think bell-to-bell days are impressive, you should check out how long Brody Leven can go. He took top prize in Ski the Whites’ Last Skier Standing by skinning and skiing for … 65 consecutive hours. Since he hails from our home base in Salt Lake City, we’re betting high elevation training was an obvious boon. [New England Ski Journal]

Your Hunt & Fish Taxes Are Going To A Worthy Cause

On February 11, the U.S. Department of the Interior announced a record $1.5 billion in funding heading towards conservation and recreation infrastructure projects. Where did all this money come from? Taxes on hunting and fishing gear. Thanks to an uptick in hunting and angling interest over the past few years, revenue from the sport has reached record highs. [Gear Junkie]

Gearhead Tip

Fish in overfished rivers get very picky, so talk to your local fly shop to see what flies they recommend—they’ve probably been out lately and know which ones are getting bites.

Gear Of The Month

Our ranks include more than a few sendy mountain bike ladies, and right now we’re buzzing about SHREDLY. This for-women, by-women MTB apparel brand began as a Kickstarter and is now celebrating 10 years. Find out for yourself what the hype is all about.

Only Thing Better Than Charcuterie Is Charcuteski

The sky is blue, the sun is sparkling off the snow, and you’re at the top of your tour. Before you transition for the descent, why not break out a spread of meat and cheese? Our favorite Chef Lentine tells you what to pack and how to do it without the hassle. [Backcountry]

5 Steps To Lotprès

Of course backcountry tours aren’t your only opportunity to break out the charcuteski. Get our tips on what to slip on, sip on, and rustle up at your next parking lot party. [Backcountry]