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Behind The Design: Whitespace By Shaun White

On Whitespace & The Backcountry Partnership

Shaun White developed the Whitespace gear alongside Backcountry utilizing state-of-the-art 3D tech to engineer the kits and apparel. This gear combines Shaun’s 30 years of professional riding experience, his unique style & our industry-leading expertise. 

Q: What is Whitespace? 

The name really says everything about it, it’s a blank canvas. We saw an opportunity to bring a new point of view which is different than what I’ve seen out there. I brought my experience from my traveling, snowboarding, and everything that I love and enjoy on the mountain and brought it all together. Which goes back to the name because in business the term Whitespace is about an opportunity or gap in the market. 

Q: You’ve used the best kits & gear in the industry over your 30-year career, what makes Whitespace gear different? 

I think I’ve had a really unique career and perspective of our sport. I’ve tested a lot of product and feel like we’ve really focused on having an incredible experience on and off the mountain. Bringing together form and function into one. 

Q: What do you mean by “bringing together form & function”? 

What I’m really excited about is the idea that everything you wear on the mountain, you can wear off the mountain. It’s something you can walk through the city in or wear to dinner. My intent is to make gear you can blend into your everyday life, so you’re buying less but getting way more functionality out of the gear.   

Q: Whitespace isn’t just about snowboard kits, tell us about the apparel. 

A lot of the inspiration for Whitespace was taken from when I pack for my trips. I’m heading to New York soon, and then after that I’m going to Switzerland to ride and I’m thinking, what do I pack? I know it’s going to be cold, so obviously I’m bringing the puffy jacket because it’ll look great in New York and I can wear it to ride in. I’ll bring the baselayers because they’re super warm and the shirt looks great under a peacoat for dinner.

Q: What’s the future of Whitespace look like? 

I really see the brand expanding outside of snowboarding and looking in other areas of performance and finding the whitespace in other sports. What’s the blank canvas—that opportunity for disruption? Whitespace is about being free to imagine, create, and do whatever you want, while finding opportunities to open new paths. 

Check out the newest Whitespace gear and apparel collection by Shaun White here.