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Intro to Avalanche Transceivers for Skiers and Snowboarders

BCA's Bruce Edgerly covers the basic functions of an avalanche transceiver as well as precautions that skiers and snowboarders should take when traveling in backcountry terrain.

Intro to Multiple Avalanche Burials

In this video, we review the avalanche transceiver techniques and BCA Tracker modes that can be used to solve multiple burials in avalanche terrain.

Beacon Searching 101

Having an avalanche transceiver is only valuable if you know how to use one. Learn the basics of beacon searching with the BCA

Probing 101

This video takes you through the proper techniques for pinpointing or probing stage of avalanche search.

Shoveling 101

When buried in an avalanche, every second counts. Learn the most efficient shoveling and rescue extraction techniques.

Organizing a Backcountry Rescue

BCA ambassador and American Avalanche Institue (AAI) co-owner Sarah Carpenter goes through the steps to perform if your companion gets buried in an avalanche.