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Costa Highlights & Lens Tint Guide



Amber is an excellent all-around lens that delivers the brightest field of vision. Perfect for sight fishing, driving, and everyday activities where high contrast is needed.


Costa's Gray lens maintains color saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sun conditions. Perfect for sports on the water and land. A great all-around choice.


Sunrise is a high contrast specialty lens, allowing maximum light transmission. Perfect for low light, to see more clearly during the early morning or late afternoon prime fishing hours.


The Copper lens cuts glare and enhances contrast and color, providing eye comfort in any condition. Perfect for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities.

Green Mirror

The Green Mirror has a copper and amber base. Encapsulated mirrors offer enhanced visual acuity. Perfect for fishing inshore, flats, rivers and streams.

Silver Mirror

The Silver Mirror has a copper Base. Encapsulated mirrors optimize light transmissions and enhance colors. Perfect for freshwater sight fishing or any outdoor activity with variable light.

Blue Mirror

The Blue Mirror lens has a gray Base. Encapsulated mirrors deliver superior contrast and color in full sun while eliminating glare. Perfect for activities on open water.

Born on the Water

Built by Fishermen, for Fishermen. 30 years ago, a group of fishermen in Florida had a goal: to design a pair of sunglasses that could help them better see what's out there. Costa has come a long way since those days, but the fact is, the passion hasn't changed at all. They're still in Florida, they're still happiest when the sun is up and they are out on the water - and Costa is still obsessed with making the best sunglasses on the planet.
About Costa

For almost thirty years, Costa del Mar has been producing high-performance sunglasses that have been used and endorsed by professional sailors, military pilots, race car drivers, alpine adventurers, and even marine explorer Jacques Cousteau. Recently, Costa del Mar's patented 580 lenses have generated a lot of buzz in the pro fishing community; utilizing innovative technology, these lenses block yellow light to enhance vision, deepen colors, and sharpen contrast to an astonishing degree. All Costa Del Mar's lightweight lenses (both glass and polycarbonate) include highly effective polarization to cut glare off of bright surfaces, full UV protection to shield your peepers, and anti-reflective coatings to improve visual acuity and reduce eye fatigue. The result is dawn-to-dusk comfort on snow, on water, or wherever your adventures take you.

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