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Aliza Lapierre

By pushing themselves progressively farther and faster, runners of all levels can reach performances they never dreamed possible. – The Competitive Runner’s Handbook If you are like me, I ran my first marathon with the general goal of finishing. I had done my training guided by a 12-week, easy-to-follow guide that had me running unfocused miles. At the time this simple regimen was OK because I wanted so badly to complete the 26.2 mile distance, no matter how long it took. On race day I ran the entire marathon stride for stride with my husband and had a huge smile [...]

Adam Daniels

For runners, spring is race season; for the majority of those living in the northern hemisphere, that means that the heart of the training takes place in the middle of winter. While it may be tempting to run outdoors on a beautiful day after fresh snow has fallen, it’s not always a great idea to get in your speed or strength work on the icy roads. I usually find a nice warm and safe treadmill to complete the key workouts that’ll help me get closer to my goals. Following is some advice about getting the most out of running on [...]

John Tribbia

The day my Thule Chariot CX1 jogging stroller was delivered to the door, the first thought that came to my head was “freedom.” No, not the kind of freedom you feel when you are wearing nothing but a bathrobe. I’m speaking about the kind of freedom John Steinbeck writes about in his travelogue Travels with Charley: In Search of America, his account of a 1960 road trip around the United States with his French standard poodle. In it, he describes the freedom to explore and learn about your surroundings, the freedom to travel the open road and choose your own [...]

Shannan Hansen

I am a trail runner, a yoga teacher, and a single mother. I am not sure which of these causes me the most joy or the most suffering. They each have their moments, I suppose. Today I am choosing the joy and suffering of running nine miles in the mountains. I feel tired, tight, and satisfied. As a yogi, I understand the intense effect running has on the body and I value the importance of stretching to keep my joints and muscles in balance. At the end of a long run my soul is soothed, and I take a moment to [...]

Catherine Greenwald

Sure, you can just run. But strength training can help you run faster and better, and stay free from injury. If you’re going to start anywhere with strength training, start not with your legs, but with your core. The system of muscles – not just your abs – at your core are essential to supporting your posture, which will help you run more efficiently and cut down on fatigue. A stable core also enables you to respond to changes in terrain underfoot with a minimum of energy expenditure. We consulted with Whitney Liehr and Adam Daniels, both trainers at the [...]

Lindsay Krause

Do you have a job? Do you have a family? Do you love to run?  There may be a half marathon in your future. As a working mom, I love the half marathon because it is a long enough distance that I am motivated to train, but short enough that I can still have a life outside of training.  There are also half marathons almost every weekend all over the country, so you can pretty easily find a race that fits your schedule. Following are three 14-week plans for training for a half-marathon race. They’re broken down for newbies (Level [...]

Matt Park

Everyone’s been there: It’s a beautiful summer afternoon, warm with light winds and a few puffy clouds on the horizon, but nothing overhead. You and your friends are enjoying your favorite hike, and as you gain the ridge you see tall, white clouds on the horizon; too far away to matter to you. You head for the summit as the sky turns grey and you think, “It’s mid-summer, we aren’t going to get rain.” When you hit the summit, you feel your hair kind of stand up, and the rocks seem to be buzzing. You finally realize you’re not in [...]

Adam W. Chase

As the captain and manager of Team Salomon US, I’m honored to introduce the members of our team who have joined the Herd and become part of the squad. The following athletes represent Salomon’s and BC’s shared mountain heritage and zeal for off-road endurance athletics. Their accomplishments are too numerous to list here, so these brief profiles, glimpses into the personalities that make up the team, are mere teasers. Aliza Lapierre A true Vermonter, Aliza is both rugged and pensive. The vegetarian social worker and featured blogger for Running Times doesn’t say something unless she means it, and she doesn’t [...]

dena eaton

From early morning road runs to epic endurance tests in the mountains, the right running watch will provide the data you need to track, measure, and ultimately improve your performance.  Running watches run the gamut from basic time-keepers to sophisticated micro-computers; finding the right one for you is a function of where you run, how you run, and why you run. You’ll want to take into consideration your training goals (more ambitious goals may demand more sophisticated metrics), terrain you typically run in (e.g., altimeter functions on hilly or mountainous trails), and your general affinity for tracking data (some of [...]

Toni Isom’s online community encompasses a passionate group of wanderers, adventurers, Gearheads, and athletes. Get the rundown on the latest happenings within the community in You Are Backcountry, your connection to the best product reviews, photos, and videos submitted by our athletes, our employees, and you. A Vibrant Community Nature is host to some of the most gorgeous colors you’ll ever see, whether they’re in the form of double rainbows, smoldering sunsets, or bright purple climbing ropes, and our customers and community members have captured enough of them to make one of those giant photos that’s made up of other, [...]

Austin H.

There’s something alluring about running at night. The daylight hours bring the same sights, sounds, traffic, and predictable daily grind;  at night, everything changes. Darkness brings cooler temperatures during the summer, less foot and car traffic, the chance to spot otherwise elusive nocturnal animals, and the opportunity to see your city or town in a new light. Running at night also allows you the flexibility to schedule your workout around your job or other life obligations. Although it might seem like a chore at first, with a little extra gear and the right mindset, it’s easy to run at night [...]

dena eaton

Trail running, for many, is a respite from staring at the white line on the side of the road. Variances in surface, small obstacles such as roots and rocks, and frequent elevation changes provide you with ample distractions that seem to make the run go by faster.  If you’ve run a few 10ks and have been thinking about trying a half marathon, why not take your training a step further and try a trail half marathon? Contents Tips for Trails Fuel, Hydrate, Recover Race Day Training Plan The accompanying 12-week training program is designed for runners who have run, at [...]

rory bosio

I’ve run dozens of ultra marathons, ranging from 30 to 100 miles. How many regular road marathons have I done? Zero. While having marathon experience is great for making the transition to ultras, it isn’t required. I did my first ultra on a whim and have been hooked to it ever since. For a lot of people, though, getting started is hard. Here are eight tips to help you take the leap: 1. Develop a Training Plan If you’re overwhelmed by the very idea of running 100 miles, let alone putting a training plan together, turn to the Internet. It [...]

rory bosio

The number one question I get as an ultra runner, besides “Where you go to the bathroom during a 100-mile race?” (in the woods, as nature intended—hopefully out of view, but not always), is “How can you run so many miles without getting injured?” People are usually skeptical when I tell them that I’ve never—knock on wood—had any major injuries and have perfectly functioning knees despite running up to 100 miles per week. I wish I had a pithy one-liner as a response to their doubts, but alas, I’m not clever enough to come up with anything. In reality, there [...]

Allen Lim

The conventional wisdom regarding nutrition, if you’re a runner, is to eat a diet that is high in carbohydrate (≈ 60%) with the balance of your calories coming from protein (≈ 20%) and fat (≈ 20%). During an actual run, depending upon it’s length, intensity, and the environment, that advice generally shifts even more in favor of carbs, where we’re commonly told to stick to simple sugars in the form of gels, blocks, or a sports drink that also allows us to hydrate and replace valuable electrolytes lost in sweat when thirsty. But, as simple and perhaps conservative as these guidelines [...]

Bill Porreca

Every year, January creates anticipation for next year’s latest and greatest gear. The Outdoor Retailer show is one of my favorite events, because I can get my hands on all the new toys. This year was all about carbon and lightweight backcountry ski and snowboard setups. La Sportiva Vapor Nano Durable lightweight skis are just starting to show up on the market. Previously, the ski industry could do either lightweight or durable, but now we’re seeing more and more skis that will withstand daily punishment without punishing your legs. Meet the Vapor Nano from La Sportiva. I first looked at [...]

Allen Lim

Skratch Labs’ Dr. Allen Lim has some pretty radical thoughts when it comes to nutrition for athletes. Among them are eating food that tastes good and putting your body’s feedback above the latest articles in nutrition journals—not to downplay his devotion to research or his extensive credentials. The Feed Zone Cookbook, written by Dr. Lim and Chef Biju Thomas, is packed with 150 simple, delicious, athlete-friendly recipes that provide excellent fuel for endurance workouts. The book includes breakfasts, portable snacks, post-run-or-ride dishes, dinners, desserts, and recovery drinks. Below are four favorites (and if you love these recipes, you’ll love the new [...]

Jesse S

Made with a WindStopper membrane, the Gore Running Wear Mythos WindStopper Softshell Jacket is a slim-fitting piece of substantial outerwear for high-output aerobic activities in less than perfect weather. The jacket is soft to the touch without being flimsy and offers a rear vent to minimize overheating. I tested this jacket while running in a light-ish snow in downtown Salt Lake City when the winds were still and the temperature hovered around 20F. I also tested it on long runs in town and sprints at a high school track in both balmy and breezy 40F and 25F weather, and on [...]

Toni Isom

Whether it’s in the form of a lightweight baselayer or a sleek and stylish pea coat, you really can’t go wrong with wool. But before we get into why wool is a miraculous fiber: banish from your mind the image of clumsy, scratchy sweaters that exude the essence of damp dog upon first contact with snow. That’s not the kind of wool we’re talking about here. We’re concerned mainly with merino wool—also known as nature’s miracle fiber—but lambswool and high-quality wool blends are worth a mention, too. What makes Merino so miraculous? For one, it’s soft, it’s smooth, and it [...]

Jesse S

Winter Vinecki is a delightful and refreshingly unusual 14-year-old, with lofty aspirations and goals. She recently set the world record for youngest person to run a marathon on all seven continents, is attending high school online, and has her sights set on the U.S. National Aerial Ski team. I was lucky enough to grab a few minutes of Winter’s time just prior to her record-breaking marathon, and we chatted about everything from her family to living away from home for months on end to Team Winter, which raises money for prostate cancer research and awareness. Team Winter is all over [...]

Jesse S

Cross training is important. It’s more than important—it might rise to the level of vital. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity. Why should I expect to get better as a runner if all I ever do is the same thing? I know I’m not alone—runners and cyclists think only with their legs and their hearts, the two parts that keep ‘em going. What I tend to forget is that cross training won’t transform me into a triathlete (I don’t have fond thoughts of road biking), nor will it [...]

cole lehman

Park City, Utah, which happens to be the home of’s headquarters, was recently named “The Best Town in America” by Outside Magazine. The article cites “small-town friendliness, absurdly easy access, and five-star culture” as among the reasons Park City deserves the award for best active town. Sounds good, right? Lots of people agree with you. With a median home price of $765,600, though, Park City is a challenging place to live for some of us. So before you pack your U-Haul and head to Utah, there are some things you need to know. I’ve lived in Park City for seven [...]

Michelle Larson

Scientific research isn’t always your friend. The evidence can be conflicting, backed by financially interested parties, or simply not applicable to your particular brand of sport. You’re the athlete, and if you listen, your body will likely tell you what’s up. However, there are some trusted schools of thought behind hydration and rehydration. Daily Hydration In researching this article, I found a sweet chart depicting urine color as it corresponds to hydration levels. A nice, light yellow for a well-hydrated body gradually increasing to something the color of pea soup as dehydration sets in. (Pretty sure the pea-soup fella has severely [...]

Wally Phillips

As we all emerge from our post-Halloween sugar comas, we turn from jack-o-lanterns and sticky candy wrappers to what’s coming next: winter and the forecast. Our brains might still be a bit foggy from late-night costume parties, but the forecast, at least, is getting clearer than it was recently. Let’s run down what we’ll see short term, then focus on a more broad time range. EAST Big swings are in focus for the next couple of weeks. A normal temperature pattern will give way to a large high pressure ridge near the end of the next two weeks. We’ll most [...]