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Burton snowboards. Do we really need to explain? Simply put, Burton is a snowboard juggernaut. The world's best pros like Shaun White, Jussi Oksanen, and Hanna Teter (to name a few) count on Burton snowboard bindings, boards, and Burton boots as they take the entire sport to the next level. Burton jackets and pants are all about mixing progressive style with cutting-edge performance. And let's not forget about Burton luggage and accessories. Burton does it all. What else would you expect from a rider-owned, rider driven company?

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the family tree

The idea behind the Family Tree line of snowboards was to give Burton's designers, engineers, and riders an outlet to test out new, unique shapes, sizes, profiles, and flex patterns. Designed at Burton's Craig's Facility in Burlington, these innovative boards challenge the notion of what a snowboard should or shouldn't do.

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the burton [ak] collection

To those at the heart of snowboarding, Alaska is a proving ground. Talented riders are made legendary, and already-tough-as-nails gear is refined to perfection. It’s no mistake that Burton used the AK moniker on its finest outerwear, accessories, and gear. This collection will protect you from the nastiest storms and shrug off the most abusive thrashing right out of the box. You’ll only find the [AK] moniker on Burton’s pinnacle products, and that’s the way it’s always been.

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