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It's been raining for the last three days of your backpacking trip, but your feet are still dry and comfortable thanks to the Vasque Men's Breeze XCR Hiking Shoes. Their mid-height tops support your ankles as you hike with your 40-pound pack, and the Vibram Contact soles provide excellent traction on the wettest, slickest trails. A plastic Flexframe 1 Plate separates the Breeze XCR's midsole from outsole. The frame has an excellent forward flex, but limits twisting to keep your ankles stable. Most importantly, the Breeze XCR Hiking Shoes' Gore-Tex XCR linings keep your feet bone dry even when you're slogging through four inches of standing water on the trail.

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Outstanding Boots !!

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

Spent a month in Kauai trekking all over the Island, red dirt, mud, up to my calves, sand, salt water you name it I walked in it and these boots were phenomenal !! My feet were completely dry, I wore a sock liner and ankle socks, no blisters, no cracked wet feet, nothing. They performed magnificently and have my highest recommendation !!

Comfortable, breathable, but leaks water

    I bought these a few years ago and loved them at first because they were very comfortable, breathability was great, and the curve on the sole near the toes saved a lot of energy hiking. I was quickly disappointed however because i found out they did not keep out moisture at all. At the end of hikes in snow or rain I would have to wring out my socks due to all the water that managed to seep through the gore-tex. Reading the other reviews however this seems to be an anomaly. Bad luck I guess. I ended up buying the Lowa Rangers and have been in love with the brand since.

    Great Mid-weight Boot!

      I got these boots off of a recommendation from my girlfriend who has the women's model. I've had these boots for a little over a month now and am very impressed! I have worn them while snowshoeing, hiking, walking around town, to class, and everywhere in between. My feet have stayed dry and comfortable - often times I forget that I'm wearing them as opposed to running shoes. The stock insole is comfortable as it is but I still prefer my green Superfeet insoles. They are durable, have good grip, are comfortable, and waterproof! I would recommend them to someone looking for a dependable mid-weight hiking/backpacking boot.


      • Familiarity:I've used it several times

      I had the Vasque Juxt hiking shoe, but wanted something more supportive, tougher and waterproof for longer trips. After researching at a lot of different boots, I found and liked these, and eventually bought em.

      I've used them in light rain, snow, mud and dry trails, and they perform great in any of these. The fabric that connects the tongue to the rest of the shoe does not bunch up to become uncomfortable,but you do have to tuck it in properly. The laces are a good length and easy to manage. The pull loop in the back of the shoe is in the perfect position, some shoes have it too far down that it doesn't work too good.


      I wore them for exploring downstream of a creek. I was able to stand stationary in about three inches of flowing water for about a minute, just because I could. I had no water at all get inside the shoe. Love them even more now

      light and comfortable

      • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

      The boots are lightweight and are comfortable right out of the box. I like the support, but not a fan of the grip so much. Slip on anything, even a puddle. You can stomp over a lot of terrain because they are so comfortable but like others mention be weary of the elements. I sealed mine after being compromised several times. Got them on a deal and not bad for the money at all.

      Great Waterproof Hiking/Climbing Boot

      • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

      I've logged many many miles on these boots guiding in the San Juan mountains of SW Colorado and never had blisters. The Vibram sole is the perfect stiffness that remains comfortable while still being stiff enough to prevent you from feeling every rock on the trail. They offer great support from the flat trail to steep rocky 4th class alpine climbs/scrambles. And the GORE-TEX liners keep you nice and dry on those stream crossings. These are awesome and my only complaint would be if you wear them in a wide range of temperatures (20-deg F to 75-deg F) they are not very warm when it's cold. But they stay cool when it's warm so it's hard to complain.

      Disclaimer - I am a product tester for W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. with GORE-TEX and WINDSTOPPER products.

      Simple Yet Exceptional Boots

      • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

      I've had these boots for about 7 years now and they have seen an incredible amount of use. After all this time the DWR (durable water repelent) has begun to wear off the outer layer of the boots. However, I should have long ago retreated them with a nikwax type substance. The traction is still great, the comfort has only gotten better, and the functionality is still phenomenal.

      I am a huge fan of the Gore-Tex liner as I am an avid stream-walker, it kept my feet dry even when the dwr was wearing out (until I started sweating). When the outer layer is soaked through the breathability of the liner is pretty minimal.

      I need to declare that I am a member of the Gore Mountaintechs community, meaning I sometimes receive Gore-Tex and or Windstopper gear to test and review. That being said I purchased these boots long before joining this program and I would make the same decision today.

      Recently, I've taken up using light hikers for most activities, but anything involving wet or semi-snowy environments makes me pull these out.

      Best boot ever

      • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

      This boots are the most comfortable boots I ever had, its not totally water proof, but it kept my feet from blistering even after four days of hiking in the rain, I did an 900km hike in this boots in all terrains (45% pavement) with 20lb pack, no foot pain and no blisters.

      Long break in

      • Familiarity:I've used it several times

      I am really not a fan of the speed lacers, there are three sets two of which are plastic. Boots in the past with this type of lacing system always seem to get snagged on just about everything. Break in period seemed a bit excessive at approx two weeks of constant wear. Those are really all the negatives I have on this boot. Good traction, breathes well, fairly lightweight for a boot and comfortable after the break in.


      • Familiarity:I've used it several times

      I purchased these boots with early fall backpack bow hunting in mind. These are the single most comfortable boot I have ever tried on and to my disappointment started leaking water immediately. The first outing sent me on a grueling 3 day bivy hunt with 40lb pack that started out the first day with a 10 mile gaunt through down timber and very steep inclines and declines over rocky rough terrain. The boots gave moderate supportand I sprained my left ankle badly twice. My biggest disappointment came from a small crossing of a mountain side brook. I could have easily stepped over but I wanted to test the boots. My right boot failed first as my feet got immediately wet around the mesh toe area. The left boot did not leak until the next day in a similar crossing. The brook was less than 4 inches deep and never crossed over the top. On my return I had to traverse very steep decline on a rocky trail. I again rolled my left ankle and on the way down developed a sore spot right at the top of the ankle arch. I'm not sure if it was because of rolling my ankle or because my boots were really cinched down while trying to prevent further sprains, however it was extremely uncomfortable. In total I hiked a little over 18 miles in uneven, rough down timber terrain. I really enjoy the "feel" and comfort of the boot. I need a boot that is quiet, breathes well and allows you to feel the ground all while offering adequate support and waterproofing. Although the Gore-Tex failed, the boot did dry very quickly and with the use of a good merino wool sock my feet didn't suffer. I'd like to try another pair but the fact that I injured my ankle will probably deter me for good. I'm shopping yet again for the perfect boot!

      You must have received a bad pair. I have had 2 pairs of the Breeze over the past 5 years and have not had any problems with leaking until they were quite old. I've abused them too. Mt Whitney x2, Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim, Pikes. Glacier National and the list goes on and on. Return the boots you got because they were defective. I am going to buy my third pair here shortly as I've never worn a more comfortable boot or been more pleased with their performance (weight, breath-ability, waterproofness) .

      Regarding Ankle support, you might need a taller boot if you have bad ankles.


      Montana BowHunter, I have had a pair of these for over 4 years and worn them to the point of the leather shrinking so badly that they are almost too tight to where anymore, but I still do, and they still keep water out. I would contact Vasque with your experience and see if maybe you got a faulty pair. With synthetic materials, sometimes seams go bad in production, happens to every brand. If you are super comfortable in this boot, I would try another pair, as any other boot I've tried has been pale in comparison.

      Great boot!

        I have been wearing my Vasque boots for much of the summer and find them a great hiking shoe. Most of the terrain I am hiking is off trail and on rocky terrain. The boots held up well, provided good traction and kept my feet dry. When I received the shoes, I started to wear them right away with no problems. I have enjoyed these boots and look forward to many more miles in them.

        As a disclaimer, I am affiliated with Gore for product testing of Gore-tex and Windstopper garments for the purpose of product review and recommendation. I do receive items from Gore for these purposes.

        Vasque Breese & other Vasque boots Sole split problem

          My Vasque Breese GTX boots are great, but....
          It looks like Vasque changed their manufacturing to China about 5-6 years ago and ever since their boot line is having problems with the sole splitting right at the ball. Some splitting in as little as 3 months. (all the way through the sole) My boots split after 15 months. Vasque waranty is only 1 year. No luck there for replacement. The savor is backcountry with their 100% guarentee. Your can get them replaced / refunded. If you are curios / more info about the problem just do a web search. This has been going on for about 5 years. It doesn't look like Vasque plans on changing there design. Just buy them from Backcountry

          Mud not good

          Mud caused dirt build up inside the mesh on these after they dried

          Mud not good

          okay, but not built for mud or wet

            I got these boots and used them on a few treks, probably a total of 150 miles or so. They're quite comfy at first, no blisters to speak of initially, and they held together well. However, I found that if they got wet or muddy at all, dirt would build up inside the mesh, deforming the inside of the boot and making it uncomfortable to walk around, causing rubbing. I had several friends with the same experience. The Breeze is a decent boot, but with so many out there to choose from that don't give me this problem, I go elsewhere.

            Quality Boot at affordable price

              Bought a new pair a month back to replace my old ones, (which held up admirably for two years in all sorts of weather and frequent use) and just inaugurated them last friday afternoon on a hike just out side of Boone, N.C. wherein I ascended two thousand feet at at least a thirty percent grade. No blisters; enough said.

              Panamint City

                I purchased a pair of these for a 5-day hike into Panamint City, Panamint Range, Death Valley. They were nearly 2 pounds lighter than my old Vasques. I treated the leather with Snoseal and fabrix with spray silicone. Stayed dry through frequent dunks in the creek and the Vibrams were incredibly sticky on the bedrock slicks. I'm 200 lbs carrying 40 pound pack and was amazed at the traction. This is a killer desert boot.

                Panamint City

                Great Day Hike Boot

                  As a professional photographer, I usually find myself walking through miles of snow, through rivers, and even climbing waterfalls. These boots hold up through all of it! I've never stood still with my feet completely submerged, but I have many times walked ankle deep through rivers, and like I said, have even climbed waterfalls with these boots. As long as you use common sense and keep your feet moving, I've never had any problem keeping dry. I also where a 15 so I have a very limited selection. Anyone with big feet that like to stay dry should get these!

                  The worst hiking boots in the world

                    Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boot - Men's

                    is the worst hiking boot in the world. I purchased in late Nov 2011, and walked multi-days at Overland Track of Australia in early January 2012 . It was gumming in the 4th day and made me very painful in remaining days during the course.

                    I sent my complain and feedback to Vasque customer service asking for refund/exchange, but have not received any response.

                    I am looking for a light weight summer...

                    I am looking for a light weight summer boot in a 14 Narrow. The only thing I can find is the Breeze GTX, anyone know of any other's?

                    Am going to Malaysia in Less than 10 days....

                    Am going to Malaysia in Less than 10 days. My trek will be in rain forest so I expect plenty or rain of course. Temperature is quite high. Do you think these are suitable and do they still suffer from quality problems??

                    The Gore-Tex XCR membrane, Vibram contact soles and Flexframe 1 support system make these boots an excellent choice. The quality is greeat, Vasque has been making boots since 1965, The Breeze GTX since 2004. Vasque continues to push hiking footwear in an athletic direction. Running shoe inspired sole construction reduces weight, making the Breeze ridiculously agile. One of the first boots on the market to meet Gore standards for breathability, allowing the use of GoreTex XCR. Have fun out there, don't let the bed bugs bite.

                    does this boot keep your feet warm in cold...

                    does this boot keep your feet warm in cold and wet conditions?

                    Its not really insulated so keeping warm will have more to do with your socks and keeping your feet dry.
                    That said I've never had cold feet in above freezing temps with wool socks on, even if they did get wet as long as I'm moving.

                    i have really wide feet would you recommend...

                    i have really wide feet would you recommend these

                    Question... I'm looking for a light boot...

                    Question... I'm looking for a light boot for 2-5 day hikes w/ mid-weight pack (30 lbs, +/- 5 lbs). I have a pair of heavy-weight Vasque boots that I dearly love, but they are just a bit much for tromping on the AT (or similar SE location) during the summer. Currently I'm considering the following boots: Salomon Explorer GTX, Vasque Breeze GTX, Merrell Outland Mid GTX, and La Sportiva Onix GTX-XCR. I have wider-than-usual feet and a high arch. Any recommendations?

                    Best Answer

                    Any of those boots would work well for what you're looking to do. With your foot specs I would stay away from the La Sportiva's as they're really for narrower feet. I would pay particular attention to the Vasque and Merrell boots. Both should fit your feet well and are going to be plenty comfy.....not overkill.
                    Hope that helps.

                    What's the best way to waterproof this...

                    What's the best way to waterproof this boot? Thanks!

                    It already has a Goretex XCR insert in it so it will be very waterproof to begin with. But if you want you can treat the leather and make it even more waterproof by using this stuff:

                    Is this the Wide width version of the...

                    Is this the Wide width version of the Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boot that is being sold on this website?

                    Will be doing a thru hike of the AT shortly,...

                    Will be doing a thru hike of the AT shortly, and want to replace my Montrail mid height boots with a low hiking boot. Someone suggested that Vasque makes a great mid height hiking boot and also has a low height version of the same boot. Any idea which Vasque model they are referring to? Thanks.

                    It is very likely that the Vasque Breeze is the model you are referring to. It is highly rated in most reviews, and is available in both low and mid height. Another Vasque is the Catalyst Mid GTX which is listed as a multisport. It is a somewhat lower version than a typical mid hiking boot. The low version of this boot is no longer available. shows their boots in a simple layout for comparison. I think it might be the Sundowner. Vasque has been making it forever & it has a great track record. Here's more information: