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Recommended with reservations

    I used these to ski patrol in and they are very comfortable. I skied them with alpine bindings and did not experience any release problems. My major complaint is that the second buckle (on the cuff) gets in the way of the third buckle when you buckle the boot. Sometimes very disconcerting. Plus, I found myself constantly tightening the buckles as the day progressed. I found that they were firm enough to ski powder, bumps, and groomers. I am looking to go to a boot that I know that the foot board will fit with the Atomic and MFD binding plate. All in all, they are pleasant except for the buckles and the constant tightening to keep the liner snug.

    I am looking to transition to AT from telemark and have a choice to buy the Skookums or the Maestrale - which would you recommend for tall expert skier very large feet (mondo 31), 185 lbs? I am looking for a boot to do steep backcountry descents and as comfortable as possible. The Maestrale's are appealing b/c of their lightweight, but am worried they will be too soft for steeper descents. Comments?

    Couple of issues

      I skied the Spirit 4's efore this boot and prefer it. These boots have buckle issues, where the tolerance is not enough and the buckles get in each others way. Which can be frustrating when its cold and windy and you cannot get your buckels done up.

      All else is as it should be with Scarpa, a powerful boot that is made for charging and decent for walking.

      I agree.... I use these to patrol with...and the buckles do lack adjustment... and I found myself constantly adjusting them.... the lower two buckles seem to get in the way with each other when you want to adjust them....I enjoyed them in deep powder....and groomed slopes... but they were not firm enough for crud skiing.....otherwise... I enjoyed them....

      Super comfortable and high performance

        I skied this boot all last winter and I must say I am pleased with the its performance. This intuition liner is tongue style, seems to do better in touring than wrap style, very comfortable and warm. This was my first experience with Booster straps and I love them! I used to go through velcro straps like crazy- Booster strap holds the cuff/tongue/liner all together securly. There is no play and seems to make the boot more responsive. Skookum is stiff and powerful I highly recommend skiing this with Dynafits with some big planks to really test the performance.

        Burly Touring Boots

          If you're looking for burly touring boots that won't back down from any conditions, the Skookum's are the trick. Very comfortable right out of the box, but downright slipper-like after getting the Intuition liners custom molded, these boots are solid. If you are strictly touring, these may be a bit overkill, but for in/out riding or the "one boot to rule them all", these would be an excellent choice. Fit is nice and comfortable with a last in the 103mm or slightly larger range (don't know exactly, but it's not a narrow boot). Walkability is pretty good, but not as good as say, the Garmont Radium. The burly power strap adds to the overall stiffness, but does get in the way when putting them on or taking them off. Choose from A/T or Dynafit binding options and proceed to climb up and rip up the down.

          I where a size 10.5 US and have tried on...

          I where a size 10.5 US and have tried on the Skookum in a size 28 and 28.5. I will be doing 50/50 skiing this year and was wondering what size you all recommend. The 28 are snug with toe barely touching the front. The 28.5 are a little bit roomier which I could invision being in all day. Will the 28's pack out a good amount? I am coming from a Telemark background.

          I have four questions. 1/ can I get rid...

          I have four questions. 1/ can I get rid of the "walk" mode..the boots click when under load. 2/ Is it possable to heat and shrink the shells around the ankle. 3/ Is there a liner available with a more resiliant foam...they are almost impossable to do up in the morning, but by 10.00am I am out of ajustment. 4/ the set-screws that hold the top part of the boot to the bottom constantly come flaw?

          1) You cannot get rid of the walk mode unless you switch the cuff with a different boot.

          2) The shell will not shrink but you can go to a bootfitter and they will add an ankle pad to snug up the fit around the ankle.

          3) Scarpa uses intuition liners that are pretty good in all respects, especially after molding. However, there are other liners that Intution or Zipfit offer that may be more your style.

          4) I've never heard, seen or experienced that happening to any scarpa boots, or on mine. You might have a lemon. Or the nut that secures it on the inside might be stripped. Take them to a ski shop or call up scarpa about that.

          I have been using Skookum for 2 seasons....

          I have been using Skookum for 2 seasons. I have noticed a slight indentation in the liner (like 2 ridges) about where the achilles tendon is- it is on the OUTSIDE of the liner. I have noticed recently climbing that I get an irritation and feels like a sock is bunching but that is not the case. I am wondering what this is and what I can do about it. I agree with the other comments re buckles 'adjustability' issues which can be a pain to find the right spot. Should I try to put some slight padding on outside of the liner where the indentation marks are turning up? I never noticed this the first year, however I use them every weekend. Thanks for any suggestions and if you want a photo- I could do that next weekend.

          So those liners are custom moldable with heat. All the liners are molded to the shells in th factory .. usually they indent on the heel to create a pocket. So my fisrt thought is that you use these a lot and two seasons you will see some pack out and the heat created from use and long term summer storage may have tweaked the liners a bit. Also feet change. So what I would do is wash your liners first ! Base wash from Nikwax gets the stink out ! Then bring them to someone that can heat mold your liners for you and get them re-molded to your feet. This should fix your problem and keep you trucking comfortably.

          I had the skookums and have had the same problem with the intuition liners. The foam used in the liners is low density and while it handles normal skiing stresses well, what creates the creases in the heel is actually happening when you're putting the boots on. The sheering force that your heel creates when sliding your foot in causes the foam to buckle under the laminate/liner. I don't know how to fix it but I learned how to prevent it. Take the time to really open your boots up while putting them on and avoiding smashing the achilles area with your heel, PULL your boots onto your feet with the liner straps, DON"T step in and PUSH into them. hope this helps.

          Pray for snow.

          How is the fit of these compared to the...

          How is the fit of these compared to the Typhoon? Seems like the only difference is the base(cuff is supposedly the same). Is one better for feet narrow in the heel/midfoot and wider in the front. I use a Surefoot insole also that takes up some volume. Thanks!

          Does anyone know the boot sole length of...

          Does anyone know the boot sole length of a 26 mondo point?

          Scarpa makes these boots down to a size...

          Scarpa makes these boots down to a size 23.5. Why doesn't (or any other website/store) carry these boots below a size 25.0!!! Very frustrating.

          What is the height of the plastic shell...

          What is the height of the plastic shell on this boot? Does the tongue and calf area on the shell have the same height? And how does the height compare to the shell of the Scarpa Typhoon? Thanks!